Thomas, a handsome, green-eyed charming guy was a successful businessman and a single parent to his 7 year old son, Jack. He was a rich man who enjoyed every moment of life with his little partner (Blooming to Wilting).  Life was smooth on a primrose path until the day he received three life storming news in just 24 hours!

It was a rainy sunday. Thomas was peacefully lying on his soft and fluffy red sofa. Jack was playing hide and seek into the garden with his friends.

Suddenly, the weather turned to be extremely stormy and scary! The raining so heavy that the garden took just a while to resemple a swimming pool. It seemed like the clouds were mourning for something worst about to happen! The weather was deeply fearsome for little Jack. Frightened and shivering, Jack went to his his to wipe himself with a red face reflecting so much disappointment.

“Tring tring, tring tring”, Thomas’s telephone rang.

“Hello, thomas this side”, ” Sir! Sir! We are ruined! Devastated! “Ahh! We are crumbled!” Screamed Thomas’s employ, John from the other side of telephone. “John! What are you talking about? Can you please talk clearly? We have so much bank balance! We are rich enough to handle all disastrous problems!” answered Thomas in a curious voice. “Sir, we were rich! But, but……….. sir but our business has gone through a huge loss and….”

“And what? Tell me everything John!”

“and, we can’t even invest to cover up the loss as we are bankrupt!” Told John in a breaking voice. Thomas was totally shocked, he was unable to be wise at the moment. He felt as if a big mountain had burst over his head! However he was still unaware of the worst shock he was about to suffer. His fate continued to be merciless on him. While he was already drowning in the ocean of worries, his phone rang; he heard something so heart-wrenching that he couldn’t restrain his eyes from tears! His son entered his room and was stunned watching his cheerful dad in tears. Before Jack could ask anything to him, Thomas hugged him tightly and started crying heavy- heartedly.

Jack had no idea about the tsunami moving towards them. The reason behind such a shattered condition of Thomas was Jack!  Jack was in the critical stage of blood cancer and that phone call was to inform Thomas about the danger to Jack’s life. Jack needed immediate treatment, chemotherapy and many other medications. But, unfortunate Thomas was not rich anymore! He was unable to arrange enough money for his son’s treatment. Thomas begged the doctor to start Jack’s treatment and promised to arrange money in some time. Broken, Thomas was totally entangled and clueless.

Two days passed, still Thomas couldn’t arrange such big amount.  At 03:00 PM, Thomas heard heard some noises from Jack’s room. He rushed towards the room, the bedsheet and pillows were lying on the ground in a condition as if someone threw them down. A flower vase was lying on floor broken into multiple peices! Thomas was extremely scared. His voice was choking, still he Screamed,  “my champ! Jack! Where are you son?” “Dad! Ahhhhh!” Shouted jack crying inside his bathroom. Suddenly Jack fainted. Thomas was freaked out! He took jack to hospital immediately. Doctor flushed Jack’s stomach. Gave him some medications and told Thomas, “It was a risky attempt! He consumed overdose of sleeping pills. Little much quantity of consumption could be fatal to him”. It wasn’t so tough for Thomas to understand that his son couldn’t watch his dad in such a depressed condition and thus he attempted such a stupid deed! At that moment  Thomas felt like the most distressed guy into the world. He planned to request for financial help on social media. Once he opened his Instagram, a promotional post appeared on his screen that completely catched his attention! It was a post by an american blind singer Lisa.

She was a rude blind lady who hated everyone and her life. She was a rich singer by profession, she always blamed god for taking away her family and her eyes in an accident and believed herself to be the unluckiest  person in world. She tried her best to get back her eyes, she consulted the best eye specialists but nobody could help her! Now the only way to see the world again was, through the eyes of someone else. Thus she posted on Instagram, “Looking for an eye donor for my both eyes; Ready to pay any expected amount”. The post looked like a message of god to Thomas. Thomas couldn’t arrange someone to donate eye but had the option to be on owner himself. A man or a guy may find it extremely awful to donate his eyes and lead to a life of blind but, a father can go to any extent for his kids. The father inside Thomas found it very easy to give up his eyes for the sake of his son’s life. Thomas messaged Lisa, “I’m interested to be a donor for your eyes but I expect an immediate payment of my choice.” After an hour his phone beeped with a notification. “Let’s meet tomorrow at Wilson’s cafe at 08:30 AM”, it was Lisa’s reply. Now Thomas felt little relaxed after a long time of sorrow, stress and depression. Whole night Thomas kept switching his lamp on and off. He looked like an owl who didn’t bothered about sleeping any moment that night. It seemed as the longest night in his life.

Next morning, it was just 06:40 AM and Thomas left for the cafe. It was just 07:30 AM when he reached there. Now he couldn’t wait for the clock to show 08:30, continuously, he was rubbing his hands, tapping his feet and chanting some prayers. After spending an extremely restless hour, he heard a dull and rude voice, “Mr. Thomas?”.

“Lisa?” questioned Thomas facing towards the lady. She was a brown lady wearing a black, body fitting one-peice dress with shiny black high heels. She was a beautiful lady but with a dull face. It seemed as if she smiled last time thousands of years ago! “Let’s talk about the deal” said Lisa. “Would you like to have a drink first?” asked Thomas in an honouring accent. “Are we here to enjoy drink? Or am I your friend?”

“Apologies! I didn’t mean that”

“Whatever you meant, doesn’t matter! Let’s finalize the deal. Are you sure you wanna give your eyes to me?” asked Lisa in a rude tone. Still Thomas didn’t mention her rudeness because all he cared about was money for his son. “I’m two hundred percent sure. You can have a written agreement. I just need money and I don’t feel any fear to be a blind later” answered Thomas in a serious voice. Lisa was shocked to see his confidence while he was talking about losing his eyes. However she didn’t speak or ask anything. They fixed their deal and promised to meet for eye donation next morning.

This night was also too long  for Thomas. However, Lisa was also awake at her place with a conflicting mind having lots of questions. She was continuously walking from her room to roof and roof to room again and again repeatedly. Finally, she couldn’t stop herself and called Thomas in midnight at 01:00 AM. Thomas was already awake and he was puzzled to see Lisa’s call at such an odd time. Although, he picked up the call. “Hey Thomas why do need money so badly that you are ready to give up your eyes? Sorry for being personal! But please share, I am really so much restless carrying these questions in my mind” Asked Lisa, all in just one breath! Thomas felt awkward at the moment. But then, he told his whole story to Lisa. Lisa was quiet, she tried but couldn’t even speak few words for consolation. Lisa disconnected the call, she was continuously thinking about Thomas and Jack. Even, she was missing the moments she spent with her dad. ” Hey Lisa! You are a true idiot! Why the hell are you so much bothered about those strangers? You wanted eyes and are finally getting eyes! You should celebrate you dumb!”

“No Lisa! How can you be so tough, Thomas is making a great sacrifice! He is such an amazing father, you should try to do something good to him”

Lisa’s heart and mind were talking with antagonism.

Being frustrated, Lisa shouted at herself facing towards mirror “Just shutup! Not a single word anymore!”

Finally she slept after a hard struggle.

Next morning they reached at hospital. Lisa was looking changed, instead of rudeness her eyes appeared so deep that day. It seemed like Lisa was seriously lost in some thoughts and emotions however she couldn’t express. She just transferred expected amount to Thomas’s account.

An hour later, the surgery started. After some hours of surgery, doctor told them that the surgery is completed successful. Lisa opened her eyes and finally after a long wait, she experienced the view of her place again. On the other side, Thomas also started to open his eyes expecting a dark view. But, once again Thomas was shocked and surprised as he was also able to see the world. Thomas looked at the doctor and his face conveyed that he was having numerous questions.

“Madam Lisa ordered us to use just one eye of yours only. She was ok with getting just one eye too.She couldn’t convince herself to make you blind for herself” told doctor. It was a strange experience for thomas to see such an emotional side of Lisa who was normally very rude!

“Relax dear Thomas! I don’t have a family anymore, but I miss them every moment! I tried so hard to be touch but, omg! you melted my heart! Yes I am rude but I can’t make someone’s life so dark who is himself ready to give up anything for his son!

Thus, I decidedto have just eye of yoursso that you don’tenter the dark world that I experienced!”,

“Jack is lucky to have you”,

said Lisa in a soft voice.

“Thanks Lisa! You have a beautiful heart!” Said Thomas. He was shocked to see how a rude looking lady can be an innocent and emotional lady from heart!

“C’mon Thomas! My heart doesn’t need to appear for a beauty contest. Haha….nevertheless….Relax man! The hospital is waiting for you. Go get your son treated!”, said Lisa with a smiling face and bright eyes filled with gratification. She added, “And……. Thanks for helping me to be the old Lisa once again!”

Thomas smiled, he thanked her again and left for hospital. Jack got treated by the best doctors  Soon, he was out of danger and  showing positive signs of recovery. It was a purely peaceful experience for for John to watch his bossom buddy getting better. His eyes were as a mirror of fulfillment. “YES! I DID” shouted Thomas in a happy voice with satisfied emotions.

After Jack’s recovery Thomas went to meet Lisa again with Jack. Lisa was glad to see Thomas and Jack at her door. She gladly welcomed them. She offered yummy cupcakes to Jack. “Aunty you are so nice! These cupcakes are exactly of the same taste as of the cupcakes my mom made! I will come again to meet you. Will you make these cupcakes next time too?” Asked Jack with pretty innocence. Lisa felt a deep emotional attachment with Jack, she smiled and answered, “I’m always there for you sweetheart.”

“Thank you my cuppy cake aunty” said Jack and he tightly hugged her.

Thomas was quietly smiling to see his son such affectionate towards Lisa while she was going through a wierd experience of being over-attached with that little boy! She felt so close that she said something that Thomas could never imagine.

“Hey Jack! You love video games right? I have arranged all your favorite games in my room. Enjoy buddy!”

“Oh wow! Thank you dearest aunt. Byeee ……. I am gonna play.”

Jack went inside Lisa’s room to play game.

Now, only Thomas and Jack were sitting together. There was an awkward silence both of them were quiet and looking at each other with a smile.

“Can I make a request?”, asked lisa in a nervous voice. Thomas said yes by tilting his head.

“I want to make cupcakes for Jack forever…… throughout my life. Can I?”

Asked Lisa, looking straight into the eyes of Thomas.

“You mean meeting Jack in vacations?  Or do you mean something more?”

” I want to fill the empty space in life of you both. I mean……….. Ah! What am I saying! Okkkkk…. let me be clear, Will you marry me Thomas?”

It was an awkward silence. They both were lost and sinking into the deepness of each other’s eyes.

“Dad! Why are you quiet? I would love to have Lisa as my mom! She is so loving and nice. Please dad!”

Requested Jack, who heard whole conversation.

Thomas was clear with his reply after listening to Jack. He agreed!

Lisa was no more lonely, she got a loving family again. Thomas proved himself to be an husband as well as an amazing father too. Jack got a complete family again and the led to a peaceful and happy life.

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By Unnati Shahi

Author of INDRIYANUBHAV by Griffin Publications Co author of books, YES, WE DID! by Griffin Publications and SHADOWS OF THE PAST ARE WINGS OF THE FUTURE by Rosewood Publications. Awarded with Rabindranath Tagore Literature Award and Bhartiya Pratistha Purashkar An aspiring Content Specialist with a demonstrated history of working as a blogger, content writer and anchor. Skilled in Extemporaneous Speaking, Communication, lyrics and script writing, motivational speaking, Singing, and Anchoring. Pursuing BAJMC course focused in Mass Communication/Media Studies from Banasthali Vidyapith.

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