There once lived a dog name Zoro. His owners equally feared and loved him. They feared him because he was a Rottweiler, inherently ferocious and aggressive. But with this aggressiveness, he was extremely possessive and protective of his family as well. 

He only ever allowed his owners to come close to him and pet him or touch him. This was because he was extremely wary of strangers and outsiders. There was never any doubt that he would ever hesitate to bite his owners if they ever made him angry. But as he grew older he became more mature and wise. But this never meant that the strangers and outsiders were spared. 

His owners had a house that had a big gate. They had put up warning boards on the gate saying “dog in the yard” and “Rottweiler in the yard”. It was for all the people to know that there is a ferocious dog in that house. But they hardly understood it, they never even tried to read it. And half of the time they just barged into the garden and almost gave the owners a heart attack. It would be blamed on the owners of the dog who bit the stranger after all. 

One day two men came into the garden without reading the boards and were almost bitten by Zoro. Had the owner not come running and warned them not to move, they would have been in pieces. 

This horrific incident got the owners thinking about whether the boards were enough. From their side, it was all that they could have done. But the eldest member of the family told them, not everyone has the time and required education to read. So, they will keep barging in. And one day someone will get bitten. She suggested putting up a picture of the dog with all his teeth on display. It would make the visitors aware and cautious that there is a dangerous dog in the house. And he would not even think for a second before ripping them into shreds.

When the picture finally came out, the number of people barging into the garden reduced drastically. It didn’t take time to spread, that there was a dog in this garden that was as dangerous as a predator. Then, the family members realised that words always need to be read and understood. But a picture can only be glanced at and holds the capability of explaining beautiful things.

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