Smile is the answer to all your


Not a common word ofcourse, but the meaning is so

damn deep and relatable to the people of almost every

generation, I guess. To be precise eccedentesiast means

someone who hides pain behind a smile. Feeling your

heart now? This is the current situation of each and every

person of this generation. By this generation I mean the

“Youth”. What I feel is that we are living in a world full of

people having different masks. Masks of sorrow,

sadness, anxiety, confusion and the permanent one, the

mask with a smile. Isn’t this smile supposed to be real?

Why do you have to act this smile? Faking a smile is

something we all are perfect at. So, am I right or am I


There would be hundreds of things going in our mind,

study pressure, online classes sucks, relationship issues,

carrier tension and what not. But we simply smile when

our mom calls us to come out of our den and have dinner.

How do we fake that smile so easily, when so many things

are running like rats in our head.

The simple advice would be to find your own happiness

in small things. When you have so much going in your

head and you can’t even figure out what to do just take a

break. Tell yourself, talk to yourself – come on you can do

it man, you will find a way. Motivate yourself! Watch your

favourite movie, tune to your favourite playlist, eat a

chocolate or play with your pet. Do anything that makes

your happy, happy from within. Moreover if you have a

person with whom you cam share everything then go for

it. Speak your heart out, share whar is going in that head.

You might find the stupidest of the solutions ofcourse, but

you’ll feel better, cheered up. Happiness should come

from the within. You should feel that happiness. If you

smile, don’t smile for others. Smile for yourself, your soul

should smile and not just your face. So be happy and keep smiling!


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