HOPEmy life

HOPE of my life. I saw her eyes for the first time and my heart said: “This is the best decision you have ever made”. I never believed in the concept of love like two people doing everything for each other and wanting nothing in return, do we do stuff like this nowadays? anyways I belong to a rich family where almost all my requirements and needs were fulfilled accept my emotions, nobody understood it. I went to high school for my studies and I was quite an introvert I just studied there and used to come back home as soon as classes were over, it was a very sunny day I was sitting in my class looking outside the window I usually did that on the time of my boring lectures, suddenly there was a whole group of people outside the window and there was a boy among them laughing and giggling, man, I wanted but I couldn’t take my eyes off, I heard the person behind me sitting gossiping with her bench mate “Ohhh, he is that new hot dude everyone is talking about”. Suddenly he vanished from my sight and came in front of my class, the teacher allowed him in and introduced him to us.

His name was Mark he recently joined our school cause his father has got transferred here. He walked and was searching for a place to sit, he came in front of me and asked” Can I sit here?”. I said yes I was so nervous and happy for the first time in my life .

He took the first move and introduced himself “Hey! I mark” And you? I bite my lips (i usually did when I was nervous) I am Emily it was nice meeting you, The best and worst part was that we both were introverts so Slowly slowly we started talking and we became best friends he loved how I never talked about anything which I love but I expressed it with my actions and I loved how generous, kind he was. I never used to talk to people about how I felt but in front of him, I never stopped talking. Days and months passed slowly I kinda started liking him I was not sure what it was like love or anything cause I never believe in it but I just wanted to be with him, I also wasn’t sure if he felt the same way.

One morning I decided after waking up that I will confess whatever is in my mind because I don’t want things to get weird I texted him and invited him over for dinner I usually didn’t cook but the food was my love language he loved pasta so I made pasta and got some wine for us.

The doorbell rang he came in I served him water and we sat on the sofa and we talked for hours after that we had pasta and then we were drinking wine and we were watching friends on Netflix which was “our” favourite binge – watch show, if you ever watched friends there is a scene when Monica proposed to chandler we were watching exactly that scene and suddenly I paused the show he looked at me confusingly and I thought it was my best chance to say it and so I closed my eyes and took a breath I smiled at him and said I wanted to talk to you about something he said go on after a lot of blabbering I confessed “I LOVE YOU MARK” and he sat there looking at me for mins without moving, honestly I was so nervous millions of thoughts came to my mind Is he hurt? Will, I lost my best friend? Will he ever talk to me? And suddenly he said ahh..mmm so okay Emily I also wanted to say something as we are best friends, I never wanted to ruin this thing but “I LOVE YOU TOO”I was shocked and nervous and I was sobbing, crying I love that man he loves me back, Is it a dream? I just wanted this dream to last forever. We started dating.

started dating

We both were happy apart of our liking differences our common liking thing was food we started exploring restaurants we were living our best lives, one day he called me over his parents were usually home so we usually meet in my place or outside, his parents have gone for some work so he invited me and i went we had a lovely dinner he cooked my favourite food and then we were chilling in the couch and as usual watching friends, i was lying and he came infront of me and touched his lips with mine we started kissing and things got  carried away we had sex and it was the most beautiful feeling in the world me laying naked with the man i love the most until the thought that crossed our mind was we didn’t use condom, he was crying and sobbing but i knew he didn’t do it intentionally so i just hugged him and comforted him.

i took the pills (which kills the chances of you being pregnant if you had sex without protection),everything was going good we were in love we use to talk, kiss, have sex, they were fights but we used to maturely handel it i just love being with him. Days passed I wasn’t okay for weeks I was almost home laying on my bed I also missed my periods so I visited the doctor I don’t know how to say this but it was the most beautiful feeling yet the most horror phase of my life when the doctor said “you are 2 weeks pregnant” I was excited, nervous I don’t know mixed emotions I was also very afraid how the mark will react to it so I went to visit him he was very worried about my health and he came almost just to see if I was okay so I just went to his house and he sat next to me and asked “What did the doctor say, is everything alright?

” And I told him the truth I said I am pregnant and he was like nervously joking “Oooh I mean I am the father na, and I was in happy tears and said, of course, he jumped out of the bed and said let’s do this baby we will be so happy together. Honestly, I never expected this reaction from him but he did what was the best.

went to parent’s house

After that we went to my parent’s house as expected they were very angry they didn’t want to see my face and told me that I will regret living with him the same happened with mark’s parents I also hated the fact that he has to leave everything for me but he was happy so I was happy too,  seeing this we went away we rented an apartment it was not too big but we have earned with our own money,  We used to go to fruit shops often he used to take every precaution of what he can do.

Mark died

Everything was going well till we kissed for the last time ne day we were coming from our regular checkup and we had an accident I saw Mark bleeding and I started shouting Help! Help and lots of people came everyone helped mark to go to hospital and I went with him due to loss of much blood he had a clot in his brain and he died after some hour.

I was so shocked by the incident, I didn’t believe this was all true I waited for their for hours but he didn’t wake up suddenly my eyes went to my belly I wasn’t sure now if I wanted this child or not I had lost everything in my life but this loss was Unbearable we had a funeral of mark his parents were crushing me a lot that because of him he has gone and after that, I sat in my room for weeks and lastly I decided to give birth to this baby as mark wanted it, days and years passed I was on my own.

I was only 19 years i didn’t know what was happening with my life, what i will do without mark, their was no one around, one day i got a stomach ache some neighbours heard my scream  and they rushed to hospital.

gave birth to a baby girl

i gave birth to a baby girl aaah yes just like mark wanted i missed him the most on that day but the truth was i can’t do anything  , some hrs later i woke up and nurse gave my baby to me honestly i was a teenage child i didn’t know if these things were right or wrong but as soon as she hold my fingers with her little finger and her eyes looked at mine like she was saying “mommy, please don’t leave me, in that moment  i decided i will be the best mother. and she is my life.

HOPE of my life

i will do everything and give her everything which i never got As i was a teenage mother society never accepted me neither did my parents  they kept on saying things on my face or back but i really never mind that’s  because the people were not my own i had no friends or the people whom i can call mine i used to have mark but now he was gone too i was on my own seeing my baby ignoring all type of negativity in my life i wanted to be the best mother and i just wanted my child to be happy, safe with me and i just wanted her to be the person like her father was. I named her “HOPE” our “HOPE”. HOPE of my life

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By Aakansha Parashar

And just like that she unfolded her wings.

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  1. A simple masterpice. Like whaaattt??? Sooooo filled with emotions, I felt every single word. I can’t believe you wrote this Aakansha, I am soooooo proud from the bottom of my heart.

  2. Very Well written…I am just processing the fact that you wrote this🤧🤭…Kitne bade ho gye yaar humlog😊…Very Nice Aakansha…I love you💝🥰

    1. Ughhh! My heartached as i was reading this. So beautiful and so unbearable at same time. I just love the way you put this story.
      Congratulations and keep it up girl, will be waiting for more stories like these <3

  3. You have written very well Aakansha. You expressed it soo nicely that every word was resonating. Keep growing dear🥳 more power to you….❤️❤️

  4. This story touched my heart 🥺 The moment you held your baby girl for the first time, and the connection you felt, that unconditional love between a mother and her child, I felt it. This story shows the strength that lies within us when we have someone to love and protect. Hope, your daughter, will grow up surrounded by the love and care she deserves, with you as her mother, she will no doubt find happiness and safety. This story shows that love and hope can conquer any obstacles life throws our way. Thank you for sharing this heart touching story, love

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