“ I passed by my mirror, trying to avoid the image I see because every time I look at it I see what  I am  supposed to be “ This isn’t every other article you see or read about self love. I am not going to tell you that the scars on your face are beautiful or all these stretch marks are like tiger strips as they represent your strength because as an individual who has recently joined this self help journey I find it useless to mark our insecurities as “ beautiful” just so  they are accepted by the society.

Self love is a broad concept but is something that will boost your energy up and give you a rebirth.  So let us talk about things that will help you and me both in this self love journey.

Beauty standards are NOT REAL :

If you will ask me to describe beauty standards to you, I would say it’s a wall, a wall that apparently doesn’t exist. It’s an imaginary wall created by the societal norms that comes between you and what you think is beautiful. Talking about beauty let us ask ourselves who decides what is beautiful and what is not?

The people who own those cover magazines trying to make all their models look slimmer and flawless by using photo shop or the creator of this entire universe? Going on this path of trying to fulfill all these toxic beauty standards one feels physically and mentally drain. So the next time you see someone perfect, appreciate their beauty but don’t you dare demolish your own. Sunflowers and roses are barely similar but for sure beautiful in their own way.

Consistency is SELF LOVE :

Let me explain this to you with the help of an example, you love someone and you know how bad they want a particular job and to get that job they have to wake up at 5 every morning. Would you not help them?

If you really love them, you will take all their responsibility. The same way self love is all about taking your responsibility the way you will take of someone you love. Being consistent for yourself is a little difficult as we have always been taught to be available to others but never for ourselves but I promise you it’s all worth it.

The best part about this journey will be that all your time , efforts and love would not be taken for granted and you would not be betrayed ( only if you be consistent otherwise it’s self betrayal bestie)

Real beauty lies on the inside? BULLSHIT!

A hard pill to swallow but I will say we know real beauty lies on the inside but we also know how cruel this world is. No matter how few good people tell you ,this “feeling awful” is something you can’t help. But let’s make this clear you don’t have to go for a plastic surgery , just pick and work on things that will make you feel more confident. And when I say it? I mean it !

90 percent of the things are about confident the other 10 are just adding on to it. So pick your right outfit, right attitude and walk like you own the world. Have a skin care routine , make yourself a priority , practice saying NO when you want and most importantly be self aware.


I guess you all have heard this quote that says “we see the world how we see ourselves” and that’s the reality. Loving one’s own self helps loving people right and maturely. Everyone wants to be in an ideal relationship but no one wants to put efforts on the work that is required for the same.

It will help you improve the quality of your relationship as you will not be codependent and you aren’t just looking something that will fill the void ,rather you will be more Into building the love from within. This will help you find stable and healthy relationship and not jumping into one temporary relationship to other.


I will not make this one long, in the process of outgrowing your outer beauty don’t make a mistake of trading it for your inner one.


Going after this journey is far from easy and this is the reason how most of the people settle for less. Listen to the voice inside your head, learn to trust your instincts and prioritize yourself. Keep your head up and keep boundaries, learn to respect your boundaries and ask others to respect your boundaries too. Remember that no one completes you, you are one of the kind and it all begins with loving yourself. At the end its all over you and I wish you best.

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