Life according to Shree Krishna

Shree Krishna says life is important. According to Shree Krishna, most important line in Bhagavad Gita is, whatever happened was for the good; whatever is happening, is for the good; whatever will happen in future, will also happen for the good. Nothing is bad in our life, just change your perspective and keep trying! You have to just focus on your karma in life because KARMA IS INESCAPABLE!

Today children and adults are so much stressed in their life. In Bhagavad Gita, Shree Krishna tells us about life and how to lead an ideal life. Lord Krishna teaches us to earn two types of friends in life, one who is like Lord Krishna who will not fight himself for you but, he will make sure that you win and another friend like Karn who will fight for you no matter you are losing or winning.

A major problem with us is that, whenever we are in problem we pray to Lord Krishna to solve our problems. But, the moment our problems are tackled, we don’t even thank Krishna for helping us! Unfortunately, we behave in the most selfish ways. Lord Krishna says whenever we are angry, silence is the best way to control your anger.

6 most important life lessons from Krishna in Bhagavad Gita :-

1) Give your best and don’t worry about the results
2) Live your life fearlessly
3) Anger misleads a person
4) Control your desires and emotions
5) Don’t doubt yourself
6) Everything happens for the best

Lord Krishna is kind enough to forgive the people who insult him. But, Krishna won’t ever forgive any insult done to his devotees! Lord Krishna teaches a very important line for children that is to respect parents and women. Shree Krishna says that regrets can’t change the past and our worries can’t fix
the future so let’s be happy and cherish the present. Just keep doing good karma because this could change our future. Shree Krishna says that there is nothing like ‘end of everything in life,’ there is always a new beginning waiting for us. Thus, we should never give up and keep doing our Karma.

Shree Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita that whatever you are doing in your life is all about your karma and I will be the supreme power to decide that you are reborn or not. In Kali Yuga, no one believes in praying and spirituality. So Lord Krishna says that just Krishna chanting with pure devotion gives you immense happiness.

“Hare Krishna, hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, hare hare; Hare Rama, hare rama, rama rama, hare hare!”

Just a whole-hearted chanting of these lines gives pure happiness to your soul. The next important thing in Bhagavad gita that Shree Krishna says is, that a person does not feel so much dissapointment by making mistakes in life as much as he cries thinking of the same mistake again and again. As a result, even if he thinks of moving forward, he stops there that’s why we should let the past remain in the past, and move forward towards the future. Last but not the least, we must never break trust of our parents in life.

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