“Made with Love” by Vanshika Agarwal is a captivating collection of poems that takes the readers on a mesmerizing journey of love and emotions. Being a poetry enthusiast, I was elated to come across this short chapbook that portrays a girl’s point of view through beautiful verses.The book is every romantic’s dream come true, as it is packed with heart-warming poems that evoke deep emotions of love, solace, support, nostalgia, hurt, and pain. With every poem, the author has woven a lover’s journey poetically, making the readers experience the emotions that come with love.

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The beauty of the book lies in how the author has portrayed the complexities of love through simple and lucid language that can be easily grasped by any reader. Through her skills with language and imagery, author has successfully conveyed the concept of love and its complexities to her readers. The poems in the collection resonate with the readers, who can easily relate to the emotions described in the book. Apart from evoking emotions in the readers, the book is meaningful and soulful, as every lyrical phrase inspires with its depth and beauty.

One of the unique features of the book is how the author has used metaphor and imagery to paint vivid pictures in the reader’s mind. This, in turn, triggers various emotions, making the readers experience the beauty and pain of love in full intensity. The book also incorporates passion, making the readers feel the deep-seated emotions held within each poem.The simplicity of the vocabulary used in the poems does not take away from the depth of the emotions they express. Instead, it allows the poem’s messages to be easily understood, making the book accessible to every reader.

“Maybe I am not meant for a normal life You don’t have to walk with me on the edge of the knife You aren’t bound to share my troubled life.”These lines from them poem, ‘When an over-thinker gets hurt’ felt like an ache forcing to pause! Even with its simplicity the book keeps the reader well connected with the emotions conveyed.The cover of the book is also really fascinating which appropriately complements the book and its poetries.

In conclusion, the book is a sweet and exceptional read for individuals who love poetry, feelings, and poetic drama. If you are looking for a captivating book that vividly portrays the beauty and complexities of love, then I would definitely recommend “Made with Love” by Vanshika Agarwal.

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By Unnati Shahi

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