In the world of literature, there are those who merely write, and then there are those whose words become a powerful tapestry of emotions and experiences. Manvi Mehta, a multifaceted artist known for her poetry, innovation economics, and mental health advocacy, undoubtedly belongs to the latter category. In a candid author connect session, we dive deep into her journey as a writer and her experiences that have shaped her literary voice.

1. Introduce Yourself

Manvi Mehta: Poet, Madness Economist/Innovation Economist, Mental Health Activist.

Manvi Mehta’s introduction is as intriguing as her work. She is a poet, a madness economist, an innovation economist, and a mental health activist. Her identity itself hints at the layers of depth that her writing is bound to possess.

2. What inspired you to start writing, and what motivated you to pursue becoming a published author?

“I started writing poetry at the age of six,” Manvi begins. Her early initiation into the world of words can be attributed to her grandfather, a novelist whose literary legacy she inherited. Her formal pursuit of English Literature further honed her skills, thanks to the guidance of exceptional mentors like Arti Sah and Simantini Rangeya Raghav. “I am what I am because of both of them,” she acknowledges with gratitude.

Manvi’s journey into publishing was guided by her uncle, Pushpendra Mehta, a popular writer. “I always wanted to have a book by my name on my bookshelf,” she shares. Her motivation was deeply personal, rooted in a desire to leave her mark on the literary world.

3. Are your poetries imaginative or inspired by real people or events?

“All my poetry is real, straight from my personal experience with love, life, and death,” Manvi confesses. Her poetry is a raw reflection of her own journey, making it relatable and deeply emotional for her readers.

4. What challenges did you face while writing your debut book, and how did you overcome them?

“Publishing was a herculean task,” Manvi admits, but her uncle, Pushpendra Mehta, was her guiding light through the process. Notion Press, a self-publishing platform, played a crucial role in bringing her debut book, “Illuminating The Dawn,” to life.

One challenge Manvi had to confront was the fear of judgment. Her poetry is raw and explicit, a reflection of her unfiltered emotions. Overcoming the fear of how her work might be perceived was a significant milestone in her journey.

5. Did you always envision your book as a debut, or did it go through a significant transformation during the writing and editing process?

“No, I always envisioned ‘Illuminating The Dawn’ as a debut,” Manvi reveals. However, her subsequent works, including “Rivers of Reverie” and “UPSC: Just Another Exam,” took different paths. “Rivers of Reverie” was born during her maniac-depressive phase, while “UPSC: Just Another Exam” emerged from seven years of experience with success and failure in the Civil Services Exams. While editing played a role, these books followed a more organic journey.

6. What advice would you give to aspiring authors who are working on their debut books?

Manvi’s advice is simple yet profound: “Read, read, read, and write, write, write.” She acknowledges that there will be days when even writing a single word feels like a struggle, but with time, the words will flow like a river of emotions. Her journey is a testament to the power of persistence and dedication to one’s craft.

7. Can you describe the post-writing processes of publishing?

“The post-writing process of publishing is very simple if you ask the right person the right questions,” Manvi shares. For her, it was always about poetry, and she found a great platform in Notion Press for self-publishing.

8. Are there any authors or books that have influenced your writing style or have served as inspiration for your debut novel?

Manvi Mehta’s literary influences are a fascinating mix of classic and contemporary voices. She cites Emily Dickinson, Jane Austen, Shakespeare, and Kamala Das as authors who have inspired her to be raw and direct in her poetry. As for her semi-autobiographical work on UPSC, it’s a product of years of personal experience with success and failure in the competitive exam.

Manvi Mehta’s journey as a poet and author is a testament to the power of personal experiences and the raw emotions they can infuse into one’s work. Her advice to aspiring authors to read, write, and persist is a valuable gem for anyone on a similar path. As she continues to weave her unique tapestry of words, there’s no doubt that her literary journey will inspire many more to explore the depths of their own creativity.

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