This city was not new to me but there was something which made me feel anxious. I really don’t want to go there but still it was important. After shedding tears and going through flashback lane, I packed my stuff and prepared myself to go to Washington next morning. 

It was a cold morning here in California and I was shivering. However I made up my mind to go to Washington. My family felt weird with my behaviour last night when they told me that we’re going to Washington due to some important work. I behaved in a way which I don’t even expect myself to behave in. I was heavy inside , I was scared, last year when I came back from Washington. I had a hard time, I lost people which was so unexpected and terrible. 

Going to the same old house in Washington made me feel horrified. But still I was there walking on the top of the roof completely lost in my own imagination even though there was hustle and bustle all around. Nothing has changed much,  but The park which was once full of children playing was now a parking station, the fountain was not their in the park. But the park was now renovated. Still what was troubling me?.. hustle and bustle, park with no fountain? ..why was I not able to understand  what was wrong with me?.. it can’t just be a wave of sadness which was drowning me deep down. Still I was missing something and it was so suffocating.

That something was, what I never got a chance to value or praise. The house which was once full of people was now an empty place. All I had was the memories.. my Grandma telling me the tales, my Grandpa bringing me fresh cream in winter mornings, my Uncle waking me up with singing songs and all the memories I created when we were together.

As now they’re gone, I wanna turn back time when we all used to gather and have so many topics to chit chat. I was more of a little kid then, carefree and full of energy, willing to discover the stars full of sky in the dark nights. Today also I love gazing at stars ..but now what I see is the way they left one by one making this place more abandoned. Now it’s hard for me to hide as told in the stories when I was a kid. I know you all went up to the darkness(sky)to shine with full of brightness(shine like stars) .

It’s hard down here, I know you’re looking from there. I never got the chance to say my last goodbye but never mind that’s not what I really wanna say  ..I would just say that  I love you to infinity and beyond. Never I got the chance to appreciate when you were here but today when you’re not near. I miss how you treated me like your dear. I know this philosophy of stars is for kids and now I’m grown up and it doesn’t fit but still I believe I won’t hurt this little kid. I will be 20 this year but still I get scared, I miss the house which was once there, when all were near. 

There comes melodious music at the end. I just woke up and it was 6:00 am.

Washington was calling me, and here I end!!.

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