The cold feeling of a hundred needles Staring at my wrist, my forehead, my neck, my collar bone Births a new born flame inside my chest Covers my abdomen with sweat. The knots come loose, The fluttering sound of paper insects take flight. Somewhere in my gut.

An ice cube slides down my shoulder blade Like a teardrop sliding down a cheek I’m all but washed in this feeling From the tip of my hair to the bottom of my feet

The ice inside my head melts into the music of a rushing river

All the flood gates open One by one

A reckoning has finally begun

Clouds swim to the shore As waves not meant to halt

Slam and crash onto the rocks Again and again The grip of control comes undone This time it’s not a just tease Close your eyes

Let go Release. A heavy train leaves the station quiet A bird dies in the open sky.

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