• “Unexpressed emotions never die, they maybe buried alive but will always come back in uglier ways” In the era of maintaining our work image , we tend to forget that self care is also a vital aspect of our health , which if ignored  further , causes major psychological threats ,

Such as –

  • Stress
  • Sudden Outbursts of anger
  • Irritation
  • Depression
  • Anxiety , etc and maybe worse things like suicidal thoughts , and panic attacks which are formed through extremely uncontrollable emotions making us feel that we are not useful enough to live and not strong enough to suffer through the situation , which leads us to harm ourselves in any way.


  • Sometimes , during arguments or sudden outbursts of anger , people unintentionally express their disappointments and discourtesy towards another person , which hurts them emotionally , further feeling highly nervous and emotionally unstable , that they are not able to form sentences to speak in order to stand up for themselves , thus leaving them with great guilt and regret . These people are considered to be highly emotional and sensitive towards slightest prompt of things changing instead of the way they were before.


Honestly , these emotions are no different than any others , and are very common feelings which we experience in certain phases of our life which arecreated from –

  • Complaints which lead to arguments
  • Being ashamed of our weaknesses
  • Being called lazy , but actually suffering from mental illness
  • Feeling of being dramatically emotional and thus not expressing what we truly feel.
  • Feeling of not being loved enough.

Not being able to express our feelings because of tearing up due to excess pain and hurtfulness ,etc.These situations may look utterly normal and common , but when felt, create a whole lot of difference between reading something and experiencing something.

  • There are times , when people feel that ,”WHAT IF I AM BEING TOO SENSITIVE TO SUCH  SMALL THINGS ?” , and sensing that , they feel the urge to escape and run,avoidingthe bitter and sorrowful moments faced earlier ,just wishing for their life to be untroubled and full of joy.
  • But what they miss on is the bag full of those sorrowful and despairing moments which they have encountered will emerge out of blue in a more worse way whenever they are going to face something similar like before. They tend to forget that they can avoid something for a short period of time , but not forever.
  • Most of the people who start to perceive that their feelings are not being contemplated are considered as the ones who hide their mental state from being shown through their expressions , and when in public are not identified to be sad or unhappy with their life , instead are seen normal and happy , but when alone , have no control on their emotions ,further letting it all out through crying or even hurting themselves remembering all those moments which caused them to doubt their characters and even memories of being abused or hurt by their closed ones who they trusted the most.


  • “WHAT WORSE CAN HAPPEN BY HIDING WHAT WE TRULY FEEL ?”. It is considerably known that communication is believed to be the only elite aspect of a stable relationship between individuals , but if one of them is unknown about something which is a hassle to the other then it will only lead to  disputes between their relations.
  • Masking our emotions and not letting people know what we are suffering from only leads us to feel the loneliness even amongst thousands of people , thus isolating ourselves and feeling distant yet safe avoiding talking about our mental state.
  • When we forcibly hide what we urge to express , a psychological aspect of our minds activates , which further makes us realise that nobody really cares what we feel and so it won’t make any difference expressing it. But what they forget about is their own mental self being ruined between our unexpressed  emotions and turbulence of how we want to feel about the situation .

Moreover , there are a bunch of diverse effects we encounter from hiding our emotions like –

  • Unexpected irritational conflicts
  • Unintentional outbursts of sobbing up
  • Shaky hands and body
  • Out of blue panic attacks
  • Arguments and fights pressuring on the same reason simultaneously, etc.

The major threat towards people who do not express their emotions is “HURTING THEMSELVES” , which today is the most common yet unbelievable and dangerous thing to do to ourselves . In this , when an individual is not able to show their emotions due to any reason , the amount of negative energy that is stored up in their heart , forces them to scream and cry out loudly in order to relieve their stress and let it all out.

The individuals who feel they are not in a condition to scream and cry it out , try to take it all out on their bodies ,, thus physically hurting themselves like scratching or even cutting their hands , which makes them feel at ease .

These people , are considered highly emotional , as they get hurt from little things , which makes their heart feel tearing apart , still hiding their emotions , because others treat them as highly dramatic or make them feel like they are overreacting .

They forget that these are also human beings who are just different because whatever they feel comes from the bottom of their heart , and instead of being dramatic , they just care a lot . They just ask for the same amount of love and attention to be received what they give , which some people take advantage of as a weak person .


  • HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE TREATED AS A DRAMATICALLY EMOTIONAL PERSON OR AN ATTENTION SEEKER ?” , it is a sure thing that our human tendency to pe persistent about what is true will always allow us to stand for ourselves , but the people who prefer to conceal their emotions are highly expected to ignore instead of defending themselves and will be further looked down upon.
  • The fact that people tend to forget what they truly deserve and try to move on from situations which are hard to get recovered from scares me the most , because , as they hide their feelings , there is still some place where they open them , but without letting others know about it.
  • Through such articles people should not be advised what to do or what not to do , but also must be remembered their ability and courage to fight for their own will and should be let aware of first loving their own self and then thinking about receiving the same.
  • Confidence and believing ourselves is all that matters in one’s life to achieve anything and knowing what we truly deserve , instead of being a hypocrite and helping other people , doing the same mistakes themselves . And all this makes sense , only when we trust the process and think positively even when the negative vibes try to deflect our minds , even when everybody makes us feel demotivated , the only person left to believe is “OURSELF”.



Image Reference – https://www.healthline.com/health/repressed-emotions

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