in India rise in female population in India

The Interesting rise in female population in India

The female population in India has seen a dramatic surge this year. India has been a majorly patriarchal country for ages, and has had an uneven sex ratio with males being the bigger portion of the population.                                         Although this year according to the nation wide survey by National Family Health Survey-5 (NFHS-5)  the female population has seen to exceed the male population  .

There are 1,020 females for every 1,000 males in the country.

This is the first time something like this has happened in India.

What this means for India?

This surge in female population in India can be seen as progress for the country in many sectors.


The rise in female population has been triggered by the modernization of society and women prioritizing their career’s  in their initial 20’s instead of becoming mother’s, which was considered a societal rule for the women.As we see Many modern women not to bear children, or not have multiple children in order to have a son, and having the right education about contraception, helps in controlling the population for India and if this continues, India might not face as population explosions in future like it is now.

Economic growth

With a big portion of the population being women, workplaces will be seen having an even sex ratio, and female super visors, encouraging more women to work.                                                                     Uneven sex ratio at work has always discouraged females, to work by fear or exploitation and also family pressure which led to a low number of women to work .

A larger portion of woman working would directly boost the economy.

Societal development

  • A larger female population, can lead to crime against women to reduce.
  • More women at will encourage other women to work and help a poorer section of women to find jobs.
  • It will lead to more women at the parliament and will lead to more women having a say in decision-making and will give women a chance to make decisions that don’t follow the patriarchal footpath.

The negative reality for female population in India

  • Although the female population has risen higher in terms of independence in both personal and financial aspects.
  • There is still a portion of female population that still lives under orthodox rules .
  • The sex ratio for newborn babies in India is still male dominated hinting towards the still present issue of female  feoticide and pre natal abortion of the female fetus.
  • A lot more development and globalization is still needed for women to grow.

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