Ever heard someone say “water? No thanks, I prefer H2O”? You might be wondering isn’t that some lame joke that an oldie would probably come up with? Well, what if I say, we do that very frequently?
Most of us believe that feminism is very complicated and yet it remains an unresolved issue whereas equality on the other hand is quite simple and yet easier for us to understand and be a supporter of.

On being asked about what feminism meant to the girls and women of different age groups across the world, some common adjectives they used were – equality, empowerment, lost track, objective-less, unrealistic etc. And to be very honest it’s a matter of concern on how it’s being misunderstood and is used against us. Emma Watson, one of the most famous and inspiring feminist icons describes feminism as something that makes both men and women feel sensitive and strong, so you see it’s more about all the genders rather than just revolving around the women of this world. The war between feminism and equality isn’t a war it’s a strategy, the strategy against all of us who strive hard and wish for a better world for all the genders and yet as it seems their plan worked well. There is a saying that goes like “if you have a strong team of opponents make them go against each other and you win”

We need feminism for a better world, the world we live in assures that men and women around the globe have grown and have been given equal opportunities. Most of the countries have even presented their statistics to prove the same, but the real world is quite different from what we see happening around. Talking about India, we live in a country where every twenty minutes a girl is raped, were to consider marital rape a criminal offence or not we debate in the court for months, where if a guy cry we ask him if he is a guy or a girl, where people who are from the LGBTQ+ community are considered as unacceptable, where if a man is not financially active he is useless and if a woman is career-oriented she is selfish and yet we come from an India who talks about gender equality, feminism and women empowerment. The side of India I talked about is the one we hide, avoid and ignore, on the other hand, we applaud, cheer and cherish the other side where India is no less than heaven on earth for all the genders.

We all will agree that progress is happening but at a very low rate and a low growth for many years is no growth.
People are concerned about how feminism today is misused and how innocent men are suffering from the same, they face an issue as their social life might have a very bad reputation and may also have a long time effect on their career life. Most of the people give this reason for them being biased with feminism but again here are two terms that are being misunderstood. Misusing feminism, giving favourable treatments only to the women and considering them superior is something we call pseudo feminism.

One of the biggest challenges is to make people understand how being against feminism does not make them humanist, rather they are against it. Feminism has often been misunderstood as something against men. So many men activists shout at the top of their voice about how men suicidal rates are alarmingly high and that’s true because patriarchy teaches men that sharing their feelings and expressing them isn’t manly but killing one’s self is.
Feminism needs women supporting women as well as men supporting women too. Because it’s for everyone. One of the greatest quotes of feminism goes like “feminism is all about having a choice, with no gender-biased rules “for example you want to wear jewellery but you are a man? Wear it cause you want to, you have a choice, and you make that choice for yourself.

They say they choose to be a humanist because they wish for a better world and wish for equality, Emma Watson says “if you are a supporter of equality and you wish for a better world I am sorry to tell you but you are a feminist”. So no matter how many different names we come up with to describe one and to demolish the other, unless and until we come together and fight for it the results will be forever against all of us.

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By Yashvi

6 thoughts on “Feminism vs Equality – The War”
  1. this is written in most classy yet simple way possible. The topic is explained so well like if someone really want to change will have a breakdown. well the writer is really did a great job, must say.

  2. Really a refreshing take on feminism which ‘Actually’ desciribes the true situation of today’s world and what it means to be a true feminist by heart. Hope to read more such articles filled with words that are true and come from heart. Keep it up 😊

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