It’s time to talk about something different this this time. Importance of financial independence for women.

What is financial independence?

To be financially secure we have to first understand what being financially Independent actually means. Women should be well educated, earn money and take their life decisions for themselves. It’s important for women so you no longer have to live in fear. You’ll know when & how you’ll meet your needs. Being financially Independent means you won’t be controlled by someone else. You can live life on your own terms.

What happens when women are not financially Independent?

There are women who are dependent on their partner financially. Money is the domain of male as per the society. Society doesn’t believe it to be a women’s role to earn or her right to make financial decisions. There are women who face domestic violence and abusive behaviour because they are not financially Independent. It’s clear that people don’t get this that few women who want to leave their don’t take that decision because they lack in finance. The reason behind this is their inability to deal with their expences.

Why women should be Financially Independent?

When a woman is financially independent she has the ability to live life on her own terms. No matter where you go in life you should take full responsibility of yourself. It important for women to do so for their mental, physical, emotional conditions. The women who have to face abusive behaviour, violence due to their lack of ability to meet the financial needs
won’t have to face it if they stand in their own two feet & say I can live my life on my terms ‘Independently’.


How you can achieve financial independence?

  1. Earn before you spend.

Before you make a plan about the expenses that you have to make think about how are you gonna earn money.
First & foremost it’s necessary for you to to have a means of earning money only then will you be able to spend.

  1. Invest.

Keep a certain amount of your earnings for investment purpose. Utilize your money to make more money that’s how you’re going to get financially strong.

  1. Make a habit of Saving.

After making a list of your necessary expenses decide a certain amount of money that you will save for your future. Savings is very crucial for emergencies and future plans. Save a particular portion of wealth.

  1. Get insurance policies.

Get an insurance policy for yourself and your family as costs are rising day-by-day. Invest in health insurances to make your future secure. This will lesser your burden in future in case of emergencies.

As Priyanka Chopra once said, When you are financially independent you’re not just someone’s wife,
someone’s mother, someone’s sister, your identity will be defined by your ability to be independent.

So, to all the women out there-

“You are your own responsibility”

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