The happening life of journalist with both bests and blues

“Journalists get enough glamor they don’t even deserve!” Are you one of those who keep abusing the news reporters (journalist) especially, on-field reporters to show useless content only? Or, do you live with people who always slander media people? Do you feel all of them enjoy running blindly behind TRP?

Then, this blog is specially for you. Maybe, your opinions and views experience slight changes after reading this blog.

Public loves sensational news!

We are more interested in salman khan’s marriage than our finance knowledge!

We prefer entertainment news more than informative news!Most of us have updates about bollywood affairs and lifestyles, but we are weak at current affairs!Most of us remember the ex girlfriends of Ranbir Kapoor but, we don’t remember names of our finance minister, education minister, governor, etc.

Durdarshan channel provides very much informative news updates but, how many of us watch durdarshan?

We prefer entertainment, we ourselves ignore informative news and then, we blame media reporters (journalist) and anchors that they show only rubbish!

Dear, they show what we prefer! We actually give positive response to what we call ‘rubbish’. I agree that, many media houses show news being  self-centered because they earn more from what they show. But, they earn smashing with such news because we give great response to such news.

Oo please wake up!

A coin always has two faces so, stop blaming and maligning media for everything.


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By Unnati Shahi

Author of INDRIYANUBHAV by Griffin Publications Co author of books, YES, WE DID! by Griffin Publications and SHADOWS OF THE PAST ARE WINGS OF THE FUTURE by Rosewood Publications. Awarded with Rabindranath Tagore Literature Award and Bhartiya Pratistha Purashkar An aspiring Content Specialist with a demonstrated history of working as a blogger, content writer and anchor. Skilled in Extemporaneous Speaking, Communication, lyrics and script writing, motivational speaking, Singing, and Anchoring. Pursuing BAJMC course focused in Mass Communication/Media Studies from Banasthali Vidyapith.

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