If you are a man and you decided to read this particular article after  having a look at the title I might assume that you are quite enraged and why not , if I ask you the number of times you have heard “ MEN WILL BE MEN “ then I wouldn’t be shocked if you say that’s like every other day for you.

In 1985 when Amitabh Bachchan  said “mardkodardnahihota“  I guess India took this Bollywood dialogue a little too seriously . Well Iam aware of the fact that people believed it even before the release of film “ mard” but I personally couldn’t find a valid reason for this statement .

How media plays a role?

Talking about being a man I have a serious question , are we even doing justice to the definition or the image we are creating about men? We all know how media plays a very important role in everyday life and how it has the power over people’s mind. It has the ability to transform people’s mind and make them think differently. But be it any Bollywood’s movie the male character has always or mostly been shown as an angry , violent and dominant and if you ask why? the answer remains the same “ he is a man “ .
Men are always expected to behave in a certain type of manner , just as women . They are expected to be loud , they are expected to break things and create chaos , failing any of this makes them question their masculinity .

Difference between masculinity and toxic masculinity  :

Let’s start off with an example, male activist shout at the top of their voice talking about how men suicidal rates are more than women, that’s 3 to 4 times more often than females. And yes its true , toxic masculinity teaches men how expressing their emotions makes them weak and less than a man whereas killing themselves is an act of bravery and manly.

The way we focus on how learning is important we also need to put pressure on the fact that how unlearning these societal norms that serve nothing good is a necessity for us.

And hence if we talk about masculinity its more about respecting people, having courage to stand for the right, being independent, assertiveness and much more which is never mentioned or taught.

What can we do?

Let’s bring back the real definition of men

‘Men will be men’ yes, men will be men when he will share his emotions with the people his trust

‘Men will be men’ when he will choose to stay at home and supporthis family

‘Men will be men’ when he chooses to stay calm and assertive

‘Men will be men’ when he shares a bed with a girl he loves and respects.

Let’s portray what it really means to be a man, and hence encourage healthy masculinity.

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By Yashvi

One thought on “MEN WILL BE MEN :WITH A TWIST”
  1. Made my brother read this and he couldn’t agree less. His reply ‘ koi toh samajhta hai humein’ . And the fact that this article is written by a girl does show that we as a society are changing our mindset for good . Keep up this great work

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