To commemorate the Navy Day this year on the 4th of December , the National flag of India was displayed near the Gateway of India .

The National flag exhibit has been called the World’s Largest flag, and the length of 225 feet and the width of 150 feet, and it made under the Khadi and Village industry.

Khadi has held a lot of significance in the freedom this was perhaps the most apt cloth used in making the flag, which came under the AzadiKaAmritMohatsav.



AzadiKaAmritMohatsavThis initiative celebrates the people who have played a role in  India’s social, political, and economic progress leading to the progressive country .

It was initiated by the government of India this year as a way of looking back at the 75years of Independence for India and pay a tribute to all the people who have helped India pave the way towards modernization and the strong and beautiful country it is today .

Indian Navy has been an important factor in  protecting the country  .

Navy day is celebratedto observe and recognize the role of Navy in Operation Trident  during the Indo – Pak  war .

The day is also observed to remember the sacrifice ofall the Navy personnel who lost their lives for the country.

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