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Alia Bhatt’s advertisement for ManyavarMoheycreated quite a controversy as the advertisement suggested the ritual of Kanyadaan to be patriarchal and irrelevent to the modern women. Advertisements using Religious themes should be done with keeping in mind the emotions and beliefs’ of the people

Many such advertisements havebeen coming out for a long time in Indian media, that take the help of religion to promote their products.

The ManyavarMohey  advertisement was criticised for the misinformation that the advertisement caused and many people  put out the actual meaning of Kanyadaan and how it did not view the women as a comodity.

Why are religious themed advertisements so popular ?

  • India has a large percentage of people who are extremely religious and incorporate their religion and culture into their day to day lives.
  • Many people in India like to stay close to their roots, keep their religion and it’s morals alive and follow the principle morals that their religion has laid out.
  • Advertisers in India have taken advantage of this quality and understood the Indian market, advertisements with religious themes help the product to engage emotionally and engage with the customer on a personal level.

Pro’s and cons

  • Advertisement are usually promoted through social media, television and other attractive journalist mediums and the generation spending most it’s time on social media, religious themed  advertisements if represented correctly can pique the new generations intrest In our Indian culture.
  • Although many advertisements have spread misinformation and put Indian religion and culture in wrong light that leads to many people without full information to criticize our culture.
  • Advertisements using religious themes should be done with keeping in mind the emotions and beliefs’ of the people.

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