Traditionally,Media was limited to (Tv), (Radios),and (Newspaper),Because They were the sole source of information and people had no choice but to consume whatever was served to them through these mediums.


Simply making and distributing information to today’s public is by no means enough.One needs to understand that people wish to choose what they read,whose words they read and also give their own opinions and feedback to the writer or creator.

social media has given birth to a democratic movement!
It revolutionized all the sectors whether its primary,secondary or tertiary and made them all open to public feedback which was never the case before the advent of social media.The ‘revolution has active universal participation and the ability to bring people to the truth by serving as a platform where many people come together for the same cause.

But what is the reason behind the rise of social media?Is it only because it provides a feedback mechanism?

Well let me answer this question to ease your curiosity!First of all it provides us with source of entertainment.This is the major reason behind its growth.Every person is using social media to share comic memes, videos and images.It leaves people with a ‘weird’ feeling of self-satisfaction and joy whenever their shared content is liked by the receiving party.

You can use social media to connect with your close friends,relatives,teachers,colleagues,peers,acquaintances or anybody else you desire to converse with.Also, you remain up to date with all the current events,news and information happening around the world.It’s a free tool to use so every person is using it for a variety of reasons.
Now it’s very easy to sit at home on a comfortable couch and connect with the world while socializing, sharing and gaining knowledge all at one place.

Another key importance behind the rise of social networking sites is their ability to help businesses reach their potential customers easily.It can be used as an effective tool.People have been using it to promote their business, products, online services, brands
etc worldwide.

You can also become a brand yourself by establishing a social media following.Your views matter and no one’s opinion is forever ignored.

The social media revolution has influenced the whole globe with each and everyone being connected one way or the other due to its good accessibility and far outreach.

International exchange as we know it has now reached new heights with people opening up to other cultures and their traditions and gaining valuable knowledge from them through continuous interactions over social networking sites.

One can find an Indian vibing on Despacito and foreigners vibing on Kaala chashma at the same time!

Generally,people don’t like reading books……..

social media is the platform where people can spend 2-4 hours consistently reading e-books or educational videos on YouTube. Last but not the least-Political campaigns! Social media has been rising in the world as a promotional tool not only for online business but even the government.

There will be hardly anyone in India who has not heard the lined “Ab ki baar Modi sarkaar” at some point in their lives.

In short, social media is here to stay and function as a tool for mass communication around the world.


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