Social media is a tool that is becoming quite popular these days. It refers to the means of interaction among people in which they create, share, or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.


Social media and people are interconnected as they fulfil each-others basic needs for example: social media answers the need of people by providing a medium for interaction, creation and exchange of information and on the other hand we humans answers social media by being the users of the platform.

Nowadays, social media plays a very important role in our lives in different ways, knowingly or unknowingly we tend to give most of our time on these platforms for different purposes which include education, entertainment, work and so on. Somewhere all of us are dependent on them for most of our works but we all know that if the social media have perks it is also loaded with lots of disadvantages


As it loads us with lots of opportunities and provide a platform to be able to connect with people across globe with different expertise it also provide free access to Froude and hackers in multiple ways as same as what it do with us. It also provide a medium for us student to collect material and understand the solutions or to reach to the teachers from far of places but this also results in decline in the respect towards the traditional formula of teaching and teachers as well, and yes of course it provide us with fully loaded entertainment for example; books and stories to read , music to listen to and movies to watch without going away from home but it fail to deliver the same filling of sitting on that reclined

chair watching our favourite scene in the theatre with popcorn and drinks.

Social medias as Shortcuts :

We have leaned towards shortcuts for every little thing possible we not only enjoy using s shortcuts but they have became a part of our daily life , we tend to use shortcuts for the easiest thing possible such as shortcuts for overcoming a distance or for achieving something and even for words [abbreviation] we are lazy even for writing messages, letters or invitation and these social media platforms play a role of in our life by been disguised as shortcuts such as ; Whatts App act as a shortcut for messages, emoticons for words when conveying messages , email for letters , google-meet for meetups or professional meetings and so on no doubt it make our jobs easier but these shortcuts cannot give out that same emotion or appreciation as a result.

Social media also serves as an escape from face to face conversation and meetings, it has made it easy for us to write messages and send invites virtually helping us to avoid talking to or meeting someone in person, greetings and emotions have been replaced by emoticons and abbreviations we love chatting but tend to avoid meetups , and we don’t do this only with outsiders but even with our families we phone call each other for every little thing despite of just saying it a little louder or reaching to each other even after been under the same roof , there was a time when friends used to run to each-others houses to just say that he or she will not be able to attend the school today , or use to shout there name from below the balcony “ Alok come let’s play” carried out by mothers yelling in background, all of these somewhere had different beautiful emotions which have been replaced by the use social media platforms.

According to me we humans have become overdependent on these social media platforms for every little necessity, to be ahead in the race resulting in creating distance or rift among real ones and misunderstanding or lack of communication among family members, friends and our near and dear ones as we tend to priorities the reel world [the one on social media] than the real world.


I believe that the social network aren’t about websites but about experiences, It can be said that social media platforms provide us a medium for networking [to be able to communicate/interact with people with different expertise] but it does not always provide the surety of experience or of quality we are able to understand a person only after meeting / interacting with him or her on personal level.

Even the intellectual believe that meeting someone on personal level and knowing or listening to experience from them in person has greater impact on an individual which somewhere paved way for podcasts , and that can’t be denied that in Todays time the podcasts have a great number of audience as it fill us with a realistic and an experience point of view and an attractive conclusion , we might have got fascinated by them [PODCAST] for different purpose or are prone to different genre such as ; motivation , lifestyle, food, fashion, education but can’t contradict the fact that we are captivated by them.

Social media might have made it easier for us to get an easy access into the life of people we like , love or admire but we still tend to manifest meeting those ideals and talking to them in person because there’s a reason behind and we very well know that nothing, no social media can give or create the same moments/bliss or reciprocate in the same way , that happiness or feeling which we get by meeting our idols or loved ones in person cannot be calculated

and that is not as same as seeing them on social media or talking to them in messages.

Even after being followed by each other on multiple social media platforms, we friends still don’t feel like we are connected, yes we get insides of each-others life because of which we get updated about the tiniest achievements and loses of each-others but still we don’t feel the same pleasure and excitement while texting each other about every minute details of each other life which we use to feel while communicating in person, it fail to fill that void which we experience.

I agree that these social media platforms are great assets in our lives but anything and everything overused and overconsumed may leads to unwanted problems or issues and that’s what excessive use of social media results in ; Increase in miscommunication and rift among “your people” due to prioritising the reel world , disbelief due to unfulfilled promises done by someone you meet online and you barely know , rift between family members and so on


I might not be sounding practical but you cannot deny that in thrust of becoming practical, and wanting to seek validation we somewhere left that innocence and faith or believe which everyone of us use to carry no matter in what amount, we want to win in trends, gain followers even if the internal peace is being sacrificed ,I don’t understand the need of such validation which in long run lead us towards stress and worry.

“Social media is helping you socialise and on the other hand is making you unsocial”

We fear that what will people (friends we made on social media) think if we don’t post or share stories a day , we worry that we won’t get reach believe me or not they hardly care on your

absence but what about the people whose world revolve around you: your family , friends and loved ones!!

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