The Data Privacy day, which is celebrated on january 28 and the purpose of this day is to raise awareness.

The MYn app is an Indian app that is built to help people safeguard their private data .

MYn is a made-in-India for the world Super App that is geared to reimagine and disrupt the current/contemporary social media, commerce, and workplace landscape.

The MYn app believes in creating a safe and data protected cyber space for the consumer and prioritising privacy on social platforms and also work on 100% privacy.

MYn app provide services which includes personal messaging , social media, cloud storage, video conference. This app also help to dawnload on app store and google play and this MYn app is secure for internal communication.

Do you ever notice, how after searching about a certain product on the internet, you are faced with many advertisements of the same or similar products on most social media sites u go on?

It is not mere coincidence that   you see those advertisements, but a result of Data mining by businesses. To safe guard and beware people against the perils of negative data mining we observe Data privacy day.

What does Data privacy day stand for?

Data Privacy Day’s objective is to  sensitize the general public, about the importance of the privacy of their data and aware people about the threat the internet can be to the privacy of their data.

This day is observed on 28th January every year, it was initiated by The Council of Europe on 2007.

This year’s theme for Data Privacy day is #PrivacyMatters.

This theme focusses on the importance of privacy and our need to safeguard it, as it is an integral part of our being and should be consciously protected by us.

Why do we need Data Privacy Day?

The protection of our data hardly ever a topic of concern to us, while many believe that anti-viruses will protect all the data we store in our phones and computers, those only contribute to data security but may not contribute much to the privacy of your data.

When we use social media Or simply the internet, we allow  the apps ourselves, to have access to our personal data.

There is a huge number of people who have access to our private data which can be credited to the internet, which can be manipulated and used against us or in a negative way.

Information such as Names ,Addresses, Emails, Telephone numbers ,Bank and credit card details ,Health information which is generally stored in our mobiles can be used for fraud, phishing scams ( these are social engineering attacks which often make our login information or credit card numbers vulnerable) and identity theft.

How to ensure data privacy ?

Privacy best practices must be practiced , in order to protect your data even in such a globalized environment.

While giving permissions to a new app, we must be careful not to allow unnecessary permissions, which don’t hold relevance to the app.

We must protect our IP addresses that contain our location information, and prevent going on unauthorized or dangerous sites.

One must ensure they have strong data security system installed in their devices, that can prevent the invasion of third parties in their systems.

In general we must make sure that every day that we spend on social media and the internet we must protect our personal information.

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