Lagbtq+Lagbtq+ faces problem in the society

As I was scrolling through Instagram today, I came across a post thats how cased (I want you to take a seat for this) how some Indian parents used ‘corrective r*pe’ To cure their child’s homosexuality. Social media on a big scale has helped man Lagbtq+ members reach out to people, and educate them about homosexuality, their community, explain people what they have gone through.

I cannot even start pointing out, all what is so mind blowingly wrong with this sentence.

Some examples:- in the post showed exactly how deep the issue is one of them was “a 17 yr old girl r*ped by 44 males” in other examples the victims were even younger.

*trigger warning : mentions of r*pe*

What exactly is corrective r*pe?

I would say, it is an inhumane act which is the result of negligence, illiteracy and lack of morals.

According to the internet it has a couple of names such as curative r*pe and homophobic r*pe.

Which some people think can straighten up gays.

What is more shocking that this is being practiced by the parents .

Corrective r*ape is a hate crime, which is done because a person did not comform to the heterosexual ways of the parents, society etc.

This has been happening for a long time in India and still continues to happen on a daily basis.

This is one of the numerous hate crimes that the Lagbtq+ community has to go through .

Section 377

As we know, that section 377 has been abolished in 2018 after a tough fight by the Lgbtq+ community and ally’s of the community, but the essence of this law is what lives in the brains of people who commit hate crime against the community.

According to section 377 in Indian Constitution homosexual activities were Unnatural and were seen as a criminal offence.

We may have abolished this law but a huge section of India still believes that homosexuality is unnatural and should be considered a crime.

Many say that homosexuality is against their religion, personally I believe that the world has changed so much since the birth of most religions

we as human’s have evolved so much be it lifestyle, thinking (for better or worse) and know so much more about human body and human psychology that we should look at solid facts as well in making up our minds regarding most topics.

Be it boomers , millennials we have heard many of them talk about how homosexuality did not exist in their era’s and if there were eunuchs who would dance and beg for money or go into prostitution.

This thinking existed as most homosexuals wouldn’t come out back then, they lacked education, they were murdered or committed suicide.

Call social media a circus all you want but it has definitely contributed to the awareness we have about the Lagbtq+ community.


Many of these homophobes lack the basic knowledge regarding biology which states how homosexuality is not a mental illness or a disease.

What I find astonishing is that most people like them would not believe mental illnesses exist, but would consider homosexuality a mental illness .

As they consider homosexuality a mental illness in order to “cure” this mental illness they will take measures such as ‘corrective r*pe’ which would give the victim incurable trauma.

The irony speaks for itself here.

Sex education is the need of the hour while such heinous hate crimes happen.

Not just for students but for the people of this country who are still homophobic.

Sex education would also help students who are confused about their sexuality as, most religious homophobic homes shelter their children so much , that many young minds aren’t aware that genders other than, heterosexual male/female exist.

This lack of education can cause several mental illnesses amongst young minds who might not realize that they aren’t ab normal Or different.

The role of media

Social media on a big scale has helped many lgbtq+ members reach out to people, and educate them about homosexuality, their community, explain people what they have gone through.

Social media helped several people reach out to youngsters who were unsure about their gender identity to understand themselves better .

If I am being honest, I would probably still be extreamly uneducated about the Lagbtq+ people if it weren’t for social media homophobic even, as our education system does not educate us about any other gender than male and female from a very young age.

Although social media can educate us about the community but there is a lot of hate regarding the community on social media as well.

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