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Vir Das’s the actor turned comedian, faced mixed reviews from Indians all over the world for his speech “I come from Two India’s ”at the Kennedy Center with some people applauding his guts for speaking about sensitive issues and backlash for portraying India in a bad light.

In his monologue he spoke about India’s politics,  poverty, women’s safety ,intolerance, farmers riots in a criticising tone and also spoke about India’s unity and simplicity Indian people .

The hypocrisy of Vir Das’s speech

Vir Dad’s monologuealthough showcased a patriotic sentiment, raised a voice for the poverty stricken people, the raising numbers women harassment of women ,many points regarding the current govt and the farmers movement were one sided.

Many points he made through his monologue criticizing the govtof the country only were spoken from a single point of view and were presented as the ultimate truth for an audience most of which did not live in India and many of who probably did not know the reality of the situation in India.

Why was VirDas’s monologue considered antipatriotic

Many Indians supported VirDas’smonologue,as they said he only spoke the truth.

Many called his monologue patriotic and moving.

Many developing countries face issue similar to and worse than India, voices are raised against those issues in those countries as well but no such voice makes a show of those problems in a foreign country in front of a foreign audience which cannot help in solving the issues in that country.

VirDas’s monologue was presented in America, painting India in a bad light which will not raise the feeling of patriotism amongst the audience, rather disgust and hatred towards the country.

Therefore his monologue received backlash for spreading hatred for the country in another country.

Not only does this monologue, spread hatred towards Indians but also promotes already existent stereotypes about Indians in the world.

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