Lord Shiva, according to Hindu mythology, is a member of the holy trinity (trimurti) along with Bramha and Vishnu. Also known as Mahadeva, Shiva is one of the prime deities in Hinduism. He is said to be a being that symbolically represents death and time. One of his many names is “Mahakaal”, where in Sanskrit, ‘kal’ means Time. He might symbolize goodness, benevolence and represent a protector, but he’s particularly referred to as the creator and destroyer of all things.

In Hindu mythologies, the universe is thought to take birth and die in cycles (every 2,160,000,000 years). It is believed that Shiva is the one who is responsible for the destruction of the universe at the end of each cycle which then gives way to a new creation.

What do people say about the shiva lingum?

Shiva Lingums are stone structures, sacred idols that are known to be the representation of Lord Shiva.

Shiva is depicted in the Shiva Lingum as kind of a spherical-cylindrical column that has been imagined to be a flaming pillar of the cosmic axis of the universe. Every Shiva Lingum is set in a structural base which kind of a utility function, known as Yoni. The Shiva Lingum is known to have appeared 2 millenia ago and we’re still not sure what its shape was originally meant to symbolize.

From here begins a controversy. Ancient astronaut theorists suggest that the shape may potentially be an objectification of an incredibly powerful technological device.

Modern Hindu scholars also happen to theorize that the Shiva Linga might represent Atomic energy. This theory is supported by the fact that the nature of Shiva matches with that of atomic energy i.e. both of them have the capability for immense good and the power of incredible destruction. Ancient astronaut theorists give a nod to this idea, saying the cylindrical structure of the shiva linga is almost identical to that of the modern-day nuclear reactor. And the groove that surrounds the base of the shiva linga, that is often used to dispose the offerings poured on it, matches the structures built for the disposal of polluted water around the nuclear reactors. Since ancient times, Hindu devotees have poured water of milk over the shiva linga, today we pour water over the top of nuclear reactor.

It is also significant that Robert J. Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb, observed the first atomic explosion at the trinity test site within the Manhattan Project, he was so repulsed at seeing the destructive device he had created that he cited a line from the Bhagwat Gita, “I am become death, destroyer of worlds.” That’s the title of Shiva.

What does sadhguru say about shiva being an alien?

In an interview, Sadhguru was asked a question about Shiva being a potential extraterrestrial being. The question said that among the powerful, enlightened people who have been on the earth, people like Shri Krishna, Prophet Mohammad, Lord Rama, Lord Budhha or Mahavira, almost all of their births and deaths are mentioned in some sort. But when it comes to Shiva, it is said that he was self-created, he didn’t have any mention of death, like he disappeared into thin air. It is also said that he couldn’t have any biological children to any of the women he was married to.

The question that came along with it asked whether we are being operated by an extraterrestrial being, in context to the spontaneity of human thought, to which Sadhguru replied “People who have no faith in human intelligence are looking upwards expecting that intelligence will come from somewhere else.”

He put forward a concept that the human spine is the centre of the universe, giving the logic in support that the ability observing and experiencing the phenomenon of existing within a universe is biologically centered in the chords of your spine; we can call it the axis of the universe.

He said, “What doesn’t have a boundary in non-physical in nature.” He said that Shiva means someone who is not physical, he has no parentage, no place of birth or death, no siblings, and we’ve always seen him being the same age. Sadhguru didn’t indulge in the theory of Shiva outright being an extraterrestrial; he said that Shiva is described as something that has obliterated the boundaries of physical, mental and emotional being, “Yakshaswaroopa” to be exact; those beings who are not human but who are supposed to have existed in this natural environment.

He concluded that there are many things that point towards it, but doesn’t necessarily mean that he was an extraterrestrial.

Fact and fiction

We don’t have enough information and evidence from the ancient times. The ancient architectures, mythologies and folklores can line up in any way we want them to be and none of them can be considered an objective truth. What we can hope is getting as close to the truth as possible. There will never be enough proof to determine if Shiva was an alien or a God, or both. But we can look through all the possibilities, walk through all the possibilities, keeping our eyes & ears open and staying awake, are the best we can do in the pursuit of an objective truth.

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