In November 2021, the Supreme Court directed the Centre to permit women to take the NDA entrance exam. The justice said, “gender equality issues cannot be postponed”.

As the government assured the court on September 8 2021, women were already being contemplated for induction into the NDA.

The Honourable Court’s Point of View:

The court had orally observed, that even after the Supreme Court had directed permanent commission for women in the Army, it was ludicrous that they were not allowed to appear for the NDA exam.

Justice Chandrachud had stated in a 54-page judgement in the Army case, “Women officers of Indian Army have brought laurels to the force…Their track record of service to the nation is beyond reproach – men and women – who serve as equal citizens in a common mission. The time has come for a realisation that women officers in the Army are not adjuncts to them to a male-dominated establishment, whose of presence must be ‘tolerated’ within narrow confines.”

Laurels brought by women in Indian Armed Forces:

Women have been making India proud in all aspects of life. This is no different in the Armed Forces.

in 1993 Priya Jhingan commissioned,and she is one of the first 25 women to join the Indian Army as an officer. Alka Khurana, also commissioned in 1993, is the first woman from the Indian Army to participate in Republic Day Parade and Army Day Parade in 1994.

In 2011, Sapper Shanti Tigga became the first female jawan (private) in the Indian Army. She was the first woman to join the Indian Army Corps of EME as an officer after her husband was killed during a counter-insurgency operation in Arunachal Pradesh in 2012.

A member of the Army Medical Corps, Vijayalakshmi Ramanan was seconded to the Indian Air Force as the first woman officer. in 1979 She retired as a Wing Commander in the Air Force. 

During the Kargil War, Gunjan Saxena and SreevidyaRajan became the first women to fly in combat zones.

Deepika Misra was the first IAF woman In 2006, who pilot to train for the Sarang Display Team. In 2012, the first Indian woman to summit Mount Everest was Nivedita Choudhary (Flight Lieutenant), a Jat from Rajasthan. 

in 1968 Dr Punita Arora commissioned is the first woman in the Indian Navy who reach the second-highest rank as the Lieutenant General, and she is  the first female Vice Admiral.

In addition to becoming the first woman Air Marshal of the IAF, PadmavathyBandopadhyay also became the second Indian woman to be promoted to a three-rank star after Lt. General Punita Arora.

II.     How Is It About Individual Growth:

People must have a growth mindset in order to concentrate on improving, learning, and putting forth the necessary effort. They must seek out difficult situations and accept constructive criticism. They should use their skills and abilities to improve themselves.

A dogmatic attitude, which assumes that men’s abilities are based primarily on inborn talents and attributes, will only lead to the country’s demise.

A survey found that many women, especially early in their careers, have a “proving” approach.

Few reasons for it are, that women are socialised to be less confident, whereas men are socialised to be overconfident. Many women are likewise subjected to bias, with their competence being appraised repetitively and unjustly.

It’s not necessarily about ‘proving,’ but rather about ‘improving.’ For both men and women, commissioning as anofficer in the Indian Armed Forces is a source of enormous pride and honour.

The Armed Forces are made up of strong and capable men and women who are always eager to put their lives on the line for the country.

        Women joining the Armed Forces is extremely beneficial. There is enough evidence to support this. NDA women provide a greater pool of human resources to the Indian Armed Forces. 

       Growth does not depend on gender, but on genuine private gains. We now live in a world of competition based on self-reflection. 

       Failures have nothing to do with one coming from the weaker sex. And winning has nothing do to with one being from the stronger sex. A person’s abilities and hard work have always been and will always be what determines success.

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