What are women ? Who are women ? Is she a wife, friend or a mother ?  The most essential task any woman can undergo is the process of identity formation. Female identity formation is crucial to the female individual because the way in which she defines herself and what she bases her sense of self upon will ultimately serve as the core foundation for her life.

Like men, women are also the pillar of  family and play an important role . The support and dedication they give to hold their families is incomparable but many times they lose their identity in  doing so. In our society Women are taught from an early age to get married and raise a family. They have to play various roles due to which they have to compromise with their happiness. In our society Woman’s life revolves around her children, her husband and her responsibilities.

In this process women lose touch with who they are and tend to run away from their feelings, because they have been busy masking themselves in order to maintain their family. Women are imprisoned by  many roles they have to play, but it is essentially self-imposed. Being in the role too much makes them forget their choices and desires, they forget what they aspire for. They not only have the identity of mother and wife they also have their own identity, the identity they desire and live for. Alas due to orthodox society, women are bounded and they have lost their mere identity for the sake of society. 

Change is important.. but the question is who is trying ?.. We all can make the world a better and peaceful place if the mindset of the people changes.. So who is going to bring the change?
All we need to do is devote some effort to this serious issue. This can surely help us win the race, though we can’t change everyone but on our personal level we can try to change.

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