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Consider this scenario: If ‘Stranger Things,’ another Netflix hit, was developed with Korean creative sensibilities in mind, with the entire cast and crew stationed in Korea, and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. In a nutshell, that’s ‘All of Us Are Dead .

This Lee Jae-kyoo project rehashes — and, in a way, re-establishes — why we should all pay attention to Korean filmmakers: Guys, the K-everything craze isn’t for naught! What begins as innocent in-between-class shiz at Hyosan High School quickly escalates into a full-fledged state catastrophe, with students biting portions of flesh off of one another. This ‘turn of events’ may be traced back to a group of bullies—though not entirely—and the gravity of the situation is heightened by a lab-created virus (umm, rings a bell?).

While the rest of the school is draining and drinking human bodies, a large group of students fights to remain afloat and make it to the other side of the pandemic, if that is even possible.


All Of Us Are Dead’s first season ended on a disillusioning and miserable (there’s no other way to put it) note, but it still managed to pave the way for Season 2. Cheong-san (Chan Young-yoon) is bitten by Gwi-Nam, who is neither a zombie nor a human, in Episode 11.

He goes into the construction building to save others from an approaching zombie apocalypse while also preparing for another confrontation with Gwi-Nam.The school is bombed by the military, and the survivors barely make it out alive. Cheong-san is seen diving into the burning depths alongside Gwi-nam at the end of the episode. In Episode 12, we witness On-badge, ju’s which she had handed to Cheong-san, floating around in an elevator shaft filled with bodies. So, apologies, Cheong-san is no longer with us.

The surviving pupils are removed by the military and quarantined in the last episode. Nam-ra (Cho Yi-hyun) must leave us because she is resisting the impulse to consume them. After four months, the quarantine regulations are relaxed, and the kids return to their school — which is now a ghost school because they’ve observed a campfire in the distance. Suhye ok misses Nam- ra, and On- ju is still heartbroken about Cheong-san. They find, however, that Nam-ra kindled the fire because she missed her friends—a reminiscence to the period during the zombie meltdown when they all sat around the fire and shared a few pleasant moments.

Nam-ra hugs them and tells them that there are’ more people’ like her out there, implying the creation of a new breed. Only a few people in the series were immune to the zombie virus and did not turn into monsters, Gw i- nam and Nam-ra being two of them. Instead, they developed superhuman strength. Nam-ra, on the other hand, resisted her inclinations whereas Gwi-nam chose bloodlust.

“They’re back,” she declares abruptly. She leaps over the balcony, potentially laying the setup for a Season 2 that focuses on this new hybrid of zombies and humans.Cheong-san may have escaped the purge and will return in Season 2, but this is quite doubtful. There has been widespread conjecture that Season 2 will focus on Nam-ra, however Netflix has yet to confirm this.


The series currently has an 81% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes, and a 7.7/10 on IMDb. If the teenagers who survive the initial outbreak are to survive the looming apocalypse, they must put their differences aside and work together. Imagine a zombie-infested High School Musical! or Dead Poets Society meets The Walking Dead.

Squid Game fans will recognise Lee Yoo-mi (Player No. 240), but the series also features a slew of other rising Korean talent. The primary characters keep the drama flowing, and the show is exceptionally well.All of Us Are Dead looks excellent, with believable special effects and, more significantly, faster-moving zombies like those in World War Z, rather than the sluggish crawlers of The Walking Dead.

The show’s lead gives one of the most memorable performances we’ve seen in a long time, helping to make this one of the most fun zombie shows we’ve seen in a long time. So, if you’re searching for a zombie fix, check out All of Us Are Dead – The Biting Korean Series!

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