We live in a country where a person speaks nonsense but the medium is  ENGLISH he/she is considered educated . Over the top classy vocab and confidence is all you need for  people to think you are CORRECT and EDUCATED. There exists a section of people who are now calling the film (FILMMAKER) and everything around it fake , politically  incorrect  , anti minority propaganda and what not . Before watching the film myself I partially thought they may be a bit  right in their argument .Let me tell you that story .


It was just another day in my life when I was watching dna , for a moment I was startled to see my favourite news show being opened by a filmmaker promoting his film . Being a cinema enthusiast I googl just  to find out the Kashmir files is produced and distributed by Zee studios . Seeing the hype around with every news channel  either praising or  bashing in accordance with their funding and stakes probably, i was determined to see the movie to know the bigger truth …IS THE FILM WORTH THE HYPE ?? WHICH SIDE IS RIGHT THIS TIME ??? It isn’t worth mentioning but I feel like sharing a personal record of waking early on Sunday  to watch a film because every other convenient show time it was housefull . Keeping the political angle aside I guess everyone agrees that The Kashmir files is  a never seen before on Indian screens masterpiece kinda film .

 After seeing the film  I had a sleepless night thinking about it , scrolling enough insta , reading articles  on both side of the narrative after which  i am writing this article .


Tanul Thakur (livewirein) mentioned in one of her funded articles that

  ” the script is plucked straight out of whatsapp forward ….let’s first consider the piece purely fictional” .

In my opinion the film itself is best example of research and detailing ever seen  on mainstream movies

( not talking about OTT and art films). The Kashmiri language, hindi accent with urdu vocab , folklores & lullaby are essences to the film . Unlike a lot of films where mainstream stars spray paint and carry a stereotypical accent as part of cinematic cultural accuracy slash  detailing . The creators in one of their interviews mentioned how for two years they went on researching diving deep into media archives.

I am sure this is true as  not just one but a lot of scenes in the film are close to reality . The infamous speech of beta calling for jihad is not a piece of imagination but something that really happened he was invited to meet in the PM offers after admitting that he killed people. Even the scene where a journalist is reporting after the genocide  is a piece inspired by Barkha Dutt on ground reporting about the genocide.

” Today have these victims were once privileged Elite of the valley , today they are minority but at that time they have monopolised government jobs , plum posting and other such social benefits. Infact the sharp economic disparity between the rich pandits and muslims were the   early reasons of popular discontent.” These were the exact words of Barkha Dutt ground reporting  . Now these morons  have the audacity to call it a propaganda .


The left funded independent new channels are comparing The Kashmir Files to the montage films of Soviet Cinema . Yes as a cinema enthusiast i appreciate their knowledge of montage cinema but it is laughable how things  are compared . The infamous genocide took place in independent India with no major media coverage not in Soviet era . A lot of them are still living in refugee  camps because selective secularism is a problem

I would conclude on a note that maybe a lot of politicians are promoting the film or calling it propoganda because it could be an excellent issue for upcoming elections and securing particular vote banks  . This is a electoral reality that runs in the world but at the same time we cannot ignore how crucial it is to tell this story and  the demand of justice that the film is raising .

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