The Challenges Print Media is facing in this Digital World is very Complicated. Like, since reading habit is decreasing, the readership base of Newspapers is going down daily. As such print media, particularly Newspapers are facing a crises.

As we all can see,Nowadays News productivity and dissemination are easily done on TELEVISION, INTERNET, MOBILE, IPADS, BLOGS, ETC.

People are getting news and views free from these media which provide Greater Immediacy as well as Interactivity. The most important thing is the COST Of printing and distributing Newspapers, is going up. As in such cases, it is difficult for some people to generate revenue.

Though if we talk about it’s categorization in the field of knowledge that is pure form of advertisement usually derives straight for the lowest common demographic Group. Means, half of the population Is engaged with the online Dissemination of news, where there is easy availability of more user-friendly, cost effective novel and networked platforms like E-BOOK, READING MATERIAL ON MOBILE, ETC.

Apart from all these issues, with the introduction of INTERNET in more broad way, there are changes in every FORM, FORMAT AND FUNCTIONING of Mass Media.
So, most of the things poses problems for print media to exist in this Digital World or Era.

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