Keeping up with our policy of non alignment is something that is troubling the west. Two QUAD partners Us and Australia cautioned  India ahead of the Russian foreign minister’s visit. On the day when the Russian foreign minister landed in India for a two day official visit, US and Australia criticized India  for hosting Sergey Lavrov amid war in Ukraine.

Whereas India considered the Russian proposal that would undermine US sanctions. Russia is deliberately looking for help to reduce the impact of economic sanctions imposed by the West so far maintaining a neutral stance on the ongoing war .

The Us Secy of Commerce termed talks between Russia – India as deeply disappointing . “Now is the time to stand on the right side of history and to  stand with the United States and dozens of other countries , standing up for freedom ,  democracy and sovereignty with the Ukrainian people and not funding and fueling  and aiding President Putin ‘s  war” – Gina Raimonda US Commerce Secretary .

  ” It was important for democracies to work together to keep the rules- based approach that we have had since the second World war” – Dan Tehan , Australia’s Trade Minister .India is the only Quad member that hasn’t announced sanctions on Russia.

India has abstained at Un on votes for draft resolutions condemning Russia ‘s invasion. India ‘s middle ground  position on war has left a raft of diplomacy in the past few weeks . Just for the record a lot of Us allies have abstained from the Russian Ukrain crisis but when India does it they got a problem .

Well what is the right side of history and who gets to decide that ??

How can US be the right side of history the country that gifted Afganistan to Talibans . Us desperately wants to benefit on the cost of UKrainian blood . Foreign relations jars down to basic things that every country should think about itself first .  Russia is on war with Ukraine for its national benefit,  USA is supporting Ukraine not for the sake of democracy but for its national benefit but when  India takes a stand for its national benefit the west goes all out  moral policing and questioning India . Humanitarian issues are nothing but blatant western hypocrisy . 

I won’t be wrong if I mention that Delhi is facing a summer of diplomacy with world leaders arriving now and then. This list of diplomats include Sergei Lavrov (Foreign Minister Russia ) , Liz Truss (foreign Secretary, UK), M.E Casaubon ( foreign minister , Mexico ), Daleep Singh (Deputy NSA,USA) and Geoffrey (NSA, Netherlands) . This flurry of diplomacy indicates  India’s strategic importance.

Each leader has come with a different agenda to India but the end goal is the same that is  bringing India into their camp over Ukraine . Lizz Truss held talks with S. Jaishankar  marketing the western campaign to new delhi with her two selling points democracy and the indo Pacific issue  .

In her opinion deeper Ties between Britain and India will boost security in the indo Pacific . The sentiment is clear that West wants India to shed it’s neutrality or reduce it’s engagement with Russia .  Russia desperately needs indian business and ways to reduce impact of economic sanctions ,  whereas  west needs Indian political support .

Daleep Singh on the other hand cautioned India for buying Russian oil saying Russia won’t come to India ‘s aid if china breached lac again .Us do wanna indicate with this statement that  India will need US support if China breaks LAC , this remindes me of a popular joke that runs in geopolitics “ It’s better not to have a friend like Us or to even have one .” 

India is the only country which is in talking terms with both the blocks , the wave of foreign diplomacy visiting S jaishankar proves that . Russia mention that any kind of pressure won’t affect India and Russia relationship. Irrespective of the ongoing situation Russia and India’s relationship will remain the same also mentioning how America forces it’s diplomacy on other countries .We can draw a conclusion that   in future with the ongoing tension  between the two blocks we can consider India meditating on it . 


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