Have you already tested positive for covid 19 and recovered as well? (covid diabetes)

If yes, are you told that you’re safer than others now?

But, if you aren’t  strictly health conscious, then its just a myth to consider yourself totally safe!

Many of you would be aware that diabetes patients have higher risk to encounter with the pandemic.

But, you might be amazed to know that even if you never had diabetes still, after recovering from covid, you are at a risk of suffering from diabetes.

The direct covid diabetes correlation claiming diabetes as post covid complication isn’t established clearly yet, but after recovery, patients are finding an elevation in their blood sugar levels thus entering the ‘diabetes-riskzone’.

For further studies about new diabetes cases in covid patients, researchers at King’s College London in England and Monash University in Australia established the CoviDiab Registry, a resource where doctors can submit reports about COVID-19 patients with newly diagnosed diabetes. According to the report of ‘The Guardian’ more than 350 clinicians submitted reports to the registry!

These conditions are directly indicating about the necessity to be more serious regarding our diabetic health and take prior precautions.

Welt, if you’re pondering that how does blood sugar level elevate post covid recovery, here are some justified reasons behind this;

  • The foremost reason, abysmally weak immune system leads to a sudden loss of insulin-producing beta cells, thus causing acute hyperglycemia (high blood sugar level).
  • Many of the patients are given steroids, leading to an increase in the blood sugar levels of patients.
  • Another possible reason could be a rise in inflammation inside the body due to the virus leading to insulin resistance i.e. body won’t be able to make proper use of the insulin it’s producing.

Although, it isn’t proved yet that the virus is causing diabetes, many of the effects due to steroidal treatments, degrading immunity and post covid effects are leading to hyperglycemia or diabetic symptoms.

We can prepare our body to fight against the evils with wise preventions and an ideal diet.

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By Unnati Shahi

Author of INDRIYANUBHAV by Griffin Publications Co author of books, YES, WE DID! by Griffin Publications and SHADOWS OF THE PAST ARE WINGS OF THE FUTURE by Rosewood Publications. Awarded with Rabindranath Tagore Literature Award and Bhartiya Pratistha Purashkar An aspiring Content Specialist with a demonstrated history of working as a blogger, content writer and anchor. Skilled in Extemporaneous Speaking, Communication, lyrics and script writing, motivational speaking, Singing, and Anchoring. Pursuing BAJMC course focused in Mass Communication/Media Studies from Banasthali Vidyapith.

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