Kota Factory

Kota factory 2 was released on 24th September bringing back the craze of the beautiful series.

Just like the colour scheme used in the show Kota Factory, the show presents how the lives of Young adults have a certain duality to them.

Kota factory was released on 16th April 2019, with a black and white colour scheme depicting the vivid lives of youngsters.

It was a highly appreciated and loved show amongst the Indian society.

The premise of Kota Factory

Kota Factory elaborates the struggle, and the emotions a young adult goes through while they start taking the reigns of their own lives.

Instead of having any stereotypical character’s and dialogues to make them interesting and glamorous, the show relied on its strong and grounded script.

The show delved deep into young adults psychology and the changes they go through during puberty.

It shows how a student isn’t always being partying when they start to lack in studies or acts strange, they are as concerned about their future, but mental stress can put anyone a little off balance.


JeetuBhaiya (played by Jitendra Kumar) became everyone’s favourite teacher and one of the most loved characters in Indian society.

Despite being one of the coolest teachers, he served as a great mentor to Vaibhav (played by Mayur More) the protagonist of the Kota factory and was realistic in the way he helped him understand how the movies and shows might have brainwashed people to believe that overnight success is possible but it does network in real life, encouraging the students to not just dream but to aim.

He gave Vaibhav a reality check and a peek into the future.

Showed us the importance of habit and taught us the life skills that schools fail to provide.

The show showed genuine characters as Vaibhav’s friends instead of the stereotypical hormonal teenagers we see in movies and shows.

With Vartika Rataval played by Revatti Pillai, Urvi Singh as Meenal Parekh, Alam Khan as Uday Gupta as Uday Gupta, , Ranjan Raj as Balmukund Meena.

Characters from all economic backgrounds are shown studying and hanging out together without feeling the need for masking or hiding their reality.

Not only do we learn the importance of friends and their support we also learn that it’s ok to let go of friends to move forward in life friends will still be friends even if they are not with you.

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