The Ram Mandir in Ayodhya will be open to devotees for darshan by December 2023 and the construction is progressing as per the schedule according to the recent statement by the officials of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust.

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The entire 70-acre mandir complex, is expected to be ready by 2025, with modern approach roads, stone gates, carvings on stones, and the upper structure of the Mandir. Plans are being implemented for the facelift of Ayodhya and to bring about major landscape changes and river-front development, with a greenfield city, spreading over 1,200 acres.

Devotees will be visiting the Ram Mandir in large numbers, once it is open for public. More than 1 lakh devotees will visit the temple town every day, and the footfall is likely to increase upto 5 lakhs on special religious occasions, such as Ram Navami and Diwali.

Pilgrims will stay for few days in Ayodhya, given the religious sentiments involved, popularity of the folklore, and considering the new projects being worked on. Nearly 50 percent of the daily visitors, will stay for two or more days in Ayodhya, and will result in, more than 1 lakh tourists lodging in the city on any given day.

Impact of Ram Mandir on Aviation, Surface Transport, Hotel & Security Industry

Devotees will be travelling from various parts of the country to visit the Ram Mandir. People are likely to arrive at Ayodhya by multiple modes of transport, including train, taxis, personal conveyance, pilgrimage or tourist buses, etc. This will generate enormous job opportunities in the transport sector and associated industries like repair, recovery, spare parts, etc.

The pilgrimage circuit of Varanasi-Vindhyachal-Ayodhya is being developed into a major tourist attraction. Consequently, the prospects of the entire region growing economically are very high.

The new Airport in Ayodhya will boost the aviation and associated industries in the region. The large number of tourists are expected to stimulate all segments of local hotel industry. Accordingly, large scale investments in the region are anticipated and will energise the small-scale industry and will reduce the stresses of unemployment.

As it appears, prosperity of this underdeveloped region of Eastern Uttar Pradesh is in horizon.The Ram Mandir is also likely to generate employment in the Security Sector, given its associated controversies.

Large number of guards and security personnel are likely to be employed, for physical security, while for electronic security, associated businesses like surveillance equipment, CCTV cameras, body scanners, metal detectors and their technicians are likely to benefit.

Considerable number of paramilitary forces deployed for law and order will also boost the local economy.

Boost to Foreign Tourists, Education Sector & Real Estate

The prospects of religious tourism will increase manifold, in the province. Several international tourists and Non-Resident Indians, are also anticipated to visit the Ram Mandir, from countries such as, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc.

Foreign tourists will usher the inflow of foreign currency which will have a major positive impact on the tourism sector of the entire country.

The Ram Mandir trust has received donations in excess of ₹ 3,000 crore, excluding the donations from Non-Resident Indians. The trust is likely to invest in education & medical sectors. Aydohya will be home to both Modern and Vedic education institutes.

Long-term prospects for business in Ayodhya have started to look up, and the district is finally on the positive side of the development curve after 400 years. Businessmen, from all over the country are looking for opportunities in Ayodhya. The city is riding on the wave of a real estate boom.

Land prices have rocketed & infrastructure facilities are being built at breakneck speed. Meanwhile, the state is making all efforts to turn Ayodhya into a Vedic City. Time will test the city of Lord Ram, for its capacity to blend vedic ethos and its ability to be a modern tourist destination.  

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