Personality development

This workshop is specially organized for the students. Specially for Those student, who really needed for a Personality development class. and those who really needed expert advice.

In todays, Growing world Personality Development plays a very important role in every once life, it specially plays very very important role in student life.

There are many Student who are afraid of public speaking, they don’t want to face people and also there are many people who want to speak but due to lack of confidence they can’t speak, as well as they afraid of facing people.

Every person has some quality that’s why they are unique, but due to lack of self confidence they can’t show his Unique side to the world.

There are many student specially in Rural area who are unaware of the importance of personality Development.

Purpose of Workshop

  1. it helps to improve your Communication Skill.
  2. It helps you to boost your confidence.
  3. and also helps you in developing positive attitude.
  4. And it help to overcome of the fear of public speaking.
  5. provide self-confidence
  6. Optimism Development

And there are many more things which you can learn in this workshop….

Those who Really want to Join this wonderful, life changing workshop for their batter future.

They can fill this form given bellow :-

On 12th & 13th March;

Time ; 02.00 – 04.00 PM

Workshop is organized by ilsa fatma she is Advocate, founder of a NGO Aarohanam, which work for underprivileged section of society and help the helpless, and motivatiol speaker, she currently lives in londan UK.

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