WHEN FARMERS MADE RUSSIAN TROOPS RUN AWAY LIKE RATS : For a moment imagine a bunch of Russian generals reporting putin that a ukrainin farmer stole their tank . Yes this is true as a Ukrainian farmer went viral on social media after he stole a Russian tank from ground zero .The villagers who captured the vehicle said that the Russian soldiers fled like rats abondong the anti-air battery .

Hold on if that sounds surreal to you . The farmer later puts the Russian military tank on sale at ebay for people to bid . Ebay took it down after bid reached $50,1000 and caught attention .Ukrainina farmers captured and burn $25 million worth Russian missile system meant for the military .

The video was posted by researchers Arslon Xudosi and re tweeted by Ukranin MP Lesia Vasylenko . It was filmed near the southern Ukrainian region of Mykolaiv oblast . Ukraine is gradually turning into a country of soldiers , even the civilian are thrilled with enthusiasm to fight for their motherland .


Indian flag helped people from other nationalities to flee the war tone country .Early on union minister G kishan reddy advised students to place national flag on their vehicles for safe evacuation . Indian students who arrived in the city of Bucharest in Romania from Ukraine said that Indian flag helped them as well as some Pakistani and Turkish nationals to cross various checkpoints safely . The students bought spray paint and curtains to make the Indian tri colour flag .


Our next story from the war zone is equally interesting .It is fun to see civilian taking part in war and doing their bit for the country . Hope this doesn’t sound as if I am hailing the war happening but truth be told it is interesting as it unfolds . 

Hackers made Russian charging station display “ putin is a d##khead” and “glory to Ukraine” message  when charging the vehicle .

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