Days ago most of you were hooked with amazing sony liv show shark tank . Yes It made you think that the reality show scene in india is finally changing . You won’t see repetitive content like dancing kids from poor family fetching trps for production gaints or neha kakkar crying or even toxicity being promoted in form of daring based shows like roadies . But hold on your expectations from Indian television as Ekta Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut joins hands for lock upp or what they refer as “ baap of all reality shows” .

The show is being promoted as something never seen before on Indian television . However Truth be told lock upp is more like sasta bigg boss with aap ki Adalat kick to it . It is a show where a bunch of controversial celebrities are kept in lock upp with Kangana as weekly host .

Yes the exact same concept and format  of superhit house arrest reality show bigg boss but they do took some efforts in making the set aesthetic with bars all around and introducing the concept of jailor . Not so quick to judge the show as it is in the first week .

Maybe a lot of people find it entertaining as they do so no hate to the creators involved and the audience. The promos sound a bit problematic and toxic when Kangana mentions “ these people would stripe in front of all as they dare to live a life to the fullest “ , however lets see how the trp goes .

Not just Indian audience but people in general love spiced up content no wonder why shows like  keeping up with the Kardashians or  too hot to handle exists at top of their game . No one can force intellectual content on the audience as they deserve entertainment .

The only thing I like about kangana’s lock upp is an attempt of giving platform to probably misunderstood controversial people to take a stand . We often judge these people without knowing their  side of the story . lock upp is the buzz of the town hope it entertains people .

Early on their use to exist that one dancing and singing reality show ogs like dance india dance but today tv has turned so monotonous that every channel has 2- 3 such programs . Hope kangana ranaut’s lockup does not start a wave of house arrest reality shows running on prime time or the worst occupying the ott scene.  

However what stands problematic is when these shows promote toxicity and concepts of age shaming . Indian television scene is turning into a pool of repetitive content and we just deserve better  as audience . However I will conclude on a note that  it is a ray of hope that shows like shark tank co-exist and now entrepreneurship  is a household talk in India .


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