I always say this  aaj se 2-3 saal pehle if you wanted to put your talent in front of anyone , you had to stand in a long que for hours so that they could reject you” —— BHUVAN BAM

If you ask me what self-made is BHUVAN BAM will be my answer . His journey inspires every artist who has a big dream but comes from a humble background . Bhuvan Bam is a sensation that needs no introduction but today fasten your seat belt dear readers as I take you to a ride of inspiration .


Bhuvan Bam is a youtuber with over 25 million subscribers which makes him one of the biggest internet superstar but it all started with BB testing his phones’ front camera . He was watching the devastation of Kashmir floods back in 2015 when a reporter questions a local who lost her house and son to calamity “ how is she feeling ?” . He was stunned at the insensitivity , made a satire and the rest is history.


The repoter’s parody on fb was just supposed to be a one-off, but he thought of doing a few more. BB always had funny stories to tell, but his family members never laughed at them. So he decided to go to a different audience.  In the beginning even getting like 15 views was difficult for bam . But nothing stopped him from creating more content. Slowly, that 15 became 300 Then it started becoming popular in his college. From college WhatsApp groups, his videos travelled to other colleges, and in an interview bb reveals that  he just don’t know how, but suddenly he became very popular in Karachi University . It is kind of funny when in the initial years bhuvan’s video got a lot of attention in Pakistan and Bangladesh  .

“ mughe roti yaha ki khani hai aur videos pardos mei chal rahe hai” said bb in an interview . It took time for Indian audience to recognize a gem. Six months later, Bhuvan’s fb page hit 50,000 followers and a friend suggested  him to shift to YouTube to earn from the videos. Bhuvan cherished it when his videos got viral in his country and he hit a million subs on youtube .


The reason why bb means self made to me is his content . If I ask you what makes a successful comic sketch ??? Most people will say script , actors , set , camera and lighting setup . But Bhuvan bam made his career playing  more than 12 characters on his one man show bb ki vines . He started shooting his video with phones’s front camera and didn’t even own a tripod stand . In a ted talk episode Bhuvan revealed that he can stand his phone in one arm for 20 minutes now , this is his hard work .

If  by any chance you are un aware of bb universe , start binge watching his old video . And for a moment you will wonder is this the same person playing it all . Bhuvan ‘s voice modulation skill makes it look as if the characters are played by different actors . In an interview BB revealed how he once played along with an elderly fan who thought TITU MAMA ( a character of bb universe ) is a different person expressing desire to meet him . This is the bb universe .


We all go through a phase in our life when things are undecided . Bhuvan got 73 percent in boards , getting admission in a good college was difficult . He wanted to drop out and pursue music but ended up doing history honours . Meanwhile bb worked part time as a a musician in a  mugaliye restaurant . He says playing instruments and doing Bollywood covers  from 8 to 12 for two years was his life . He was grateful as he got delicious free dinner and enough of pocket money , but he really wanted to get out of the zone and create original music . Later with youtube happening Bhuvan also got into music and released originals .


Bhuvan released his debut web series on YouTube , which is not just another bb ki vines video but something with which Bhuvan is leaving his simply styled video and evolving his content to a cinematic universe . He worked on this project for 2 years , playing 10 characters , scripting , composing music and what not .

The credits are everywhere. He also launched his production house bb ki vines production and revealed that he wont be making old styled content anymore but would focus on making more films and web series around the bb universe . Bhuvan became India’s first creator to release a web show, which created a sensation worldwide.

Legit 5 lakh people watched Dhindora live making it the biggest show premiere ever that further went on to become YouTube India’s most-watched show with 400 Million views and counting. If that already blew you up imagine being desi and getting shoutout from the ceo of youtube Susan Wojciciki itself . Dhindora’s promotional track got featured at the times square .


Here are some winning attributes that I want my readers to learn from Bhuvan Bam .

  1. Quality content takes time – It takes time to put up a really great content . Siting yourself down , locking yourself in a room for weeks to finish a script is worth it because idea takes time to root into our imagination and flow through your work . When bb stopped uploading videos everyone was like maybe this is the end of his career  but he  was working on his web series for 2 years .
  2. Staying away from beefs – Bhuvan Bam being the og youtuber stays away from any kind of controversy or drama . Unlike a lot of 2 nd and 3 rd gen youtubers who are desperate to do beefs to get views
  3. Working really hard – You may not be the smartest or the most handsome one but be the most hardworking one . A lot of time what talent does’t do hard work make that happen . 
  4. Making the best use of available resource – BB once shared his story that how he wanted  to learn guitar but guitar tuitions were expensive so he switched to you tube guitar lessons . BB further revealed that has learned everything he is passionate about from youtuber . Similarly we can make the best use of online resources available to us to make our dreams true .

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Image Reference – https://youtu.be/Y_2y4y0kQig

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