The internet has been shaken by a latest occurrence that has been a thorn in the eyes of many beholders. People present at Cannes Film festival bore witness to an extremely uncalled for event. A semi nude woman and protester crashed the event to protest against the sexual violence inflicted by Russian soldiers on the women of the War-torn Ukraine.

‘The Hollywood Reporter’ reported that the woman stripped off all of her clothes as she fell to her knees screaming in front of the assembled photographers, as per eyewitnesses. Security guards were seen rushing over to her and covering her with a coat.


People, majority being men, around the globe have been seen criticizing the move as an indecent and unethical move. Comments have been bombing Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channels and pages reproaching the vulgarity of the act, as is usually seen when something of this kind happens. Women going naked over protests have made a frequent appearance in the recent months.

People have shunned Feminism, making this version of a protest the whole face of the Feminism movement. Not only has this unnecessary rebuking driven Feminism to a negative light, it has also blurred the true nature of the movement.

The psychology behind nude protests

Let’s leave behind the question of Morality for this aspect of discussion. Ethics and morals have always delivered instant prejudices that are often very, very far from rational thinking and are a stupid factor for judgements.

A successful protest or a movement needs to be televised, to be seen, to be heard and to be brought to limelight. The more attention a protest receives, the more momentum it gains.

It has become a habit for people around the world in ‘The New Normal’ to not be affected by Anything that doesn’t resemble the absurd. We have become so used to seeing injustice and wrongs around the world that nothing can capture our attention if it is not completely absurd or outrageous.

Let’s be honest, a woman clad in a Salwar Kameez, a Saree, or a Burqa holding a placard that says “STOP RAPING US” wouldn’t receive even the 10% of the attention that a semi-naked woman crashing a Red Carpet event shouting “STOP RAPING US” would receive.

If anyone has to be blamed for this outrageousness, it’s people like us, who have closed our eyes and mouths to things that are so wrong and have become a normal that people have no choice other that to exploit and offend our moral nature to drive our attention towards themselves.

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