“All of us may have been created equal. But we’ll never actually be equal until we all vote. So don’t wait.” ~ Leonardo DiCaprio


Casting a ballot can be characterized as an approach to offering one’s own inclination or view point. This is significant as everybody can get a say in the insane political world we live in and that makes up a vote based system. Residents of the nation continually whine concerning how our political environment is awful and demolishing step by step and the legit truth is we get an opportunity to improve it. To roll out these improvements we should cast a ballot by taking an educated vote and giving it a role as you ought to recollect each vote counts.

The majority of the country’s youth, aged 18 to 24, do not vote, causing a major backlash in the system because these are the votes that we require. If you don’t like how your country is run, alter it by voting rather than complaining.

“Voting is not only our right, but also our duty,” this proverb goes a long way in highlighting our responsibilities as citizens of the country. We citizens must vote in order to ensure that our country is well-run and cared for. Many people feel that a single vote won’t make much of a difference, but this isn’t always the case.

Your vote can have far-reaching effects for individuals all over the world who, for the most part, do not have the right to vote. We must recognise that many legislators are responsible for the country’s future policies, laws, and infrastructure, and that we are responsible for how these policies, laws, and infrastructure are implemented through voting.

Many citizens in other nations, such as Afghanistan, are unable to vote, and some have even died fighting for this privilege. Even though they are frequently threatened by the Taliban and other terrorists, most war-torn countries have held their first elections in recent years. A superpower nation like America can enact policies that have far-reaching consequences for countries that lack basic freedoms such as freedom of expression and the right to vote.

Citizens of the country frequently complain about how horrible and worsening our political climate is, but the truth is that we have a chance to alter it for the better. To effect these changes, we must vote by casting an informed vote, remembering that every vote counts. The nation’s youth are the ones who do not vote, and we must change this as soon as possible.


It is critical to recognize that elections serve as a pillar of democracy because they allow us to choose the best individual to lead the country when everything else fails. Many individuals can be affected by not choosing the appropriate leader, in the sense that it can have far-reaching implications on those who have nothing to do with our country. As a result, we must recognize that voting for the proper person has ramifications all around us and can have a long-term impact on our country. Elections ensure that the government is by the people, for the people and of the people.


Suffrage, or the right to vote in elections, is crucial in an election. In India, voting rights are only available to those who are 18 years old, and most other countries with voting rights follow a similar pattern.


In most cases, the electorate somehow doesn’t represent the full population. This issue of how to gain the right to vote is really crucial. The nomination of a candidate is a distinctive feature of elections. The nomination is the process of formally endorsing someone for a public office, and the many public remarks that can help support a candidate’s nomination come after the testimonials and endorsements. Electoral systems are extremely important in elections. The voting system and constitutional framework are part of the electoral system. This is the procedure for converting a voting system into a valid political decision with long-term implications for the country and its citizens.

The tally of votes is the first phase in the voting process. This refers to how different vote counting and recounting systems are used. Following this, the tally is used to decide the outcome. These systems are usually classified as majoritarian or proportional. The individual with the highest tally at the end of the tally wins the election. Elected leaders are accountable to the people of the country, thus they must return to their voters at various times to seek a mandate to continue in office.

Elections can have far-reaching consequences in several places of the globe. To effect these changes, we must vote by casting an informed vote, remembering that every vote counts. Everyone should vote, in my opinion, because everyone has a distinct perspective, and in our Indian democracy, we have the option to choose who will preside over the office, giving us a voice in the political arena.


Elections are currently taking place in various parts of India, and all Indian residents who are eligible to vote are being given the opportunity to exercise their right to vote and participate in the political process. Under the Indian Constitution, all people of sound mind over the age of 18 have the right to vote, regardless of caste, religion, social or economic background. With a few exceptions, this privilege is universally provided to all Indians.

As a voter, you have specific rights and advantages that are outlined in the Constitution, which protects voter rights. It also specifies the criteria under which citizens are awarded this privilege. Voting is a legal privilege conferred to citizens, not a basic right.


The following provisions apply to electors who are disqualified from voting in elections under the Indian Constitution:

  • Individuals convicted of offences under Sections 171E (bribery) and 171F (personation or undue influence at an election) of the Indian Penal Code are barred from participating in elections.
  • Those convicted of violations of the Representation of People’s Act’s Section 125 (which deals with numerous electoral offences), Section 135 and Section 136 will be disqualified from voting.
  • A person’s vote is disqualified if he votes in more than one constituency.

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