Maa kushamanda’s story begins at a time when there was nothing. The entire universe was empty, there was no sign  of life and darkness prevailed everywhere . Suddenly, a ray of divine light appeared and slowly illuminated everything.

How Goddesses Durga Form the Universe.?

Initially, the divine light was formless and had no particular shape . However, soon it started taking a clear size and finally it took the form of lady. This divine lady known as Maa kushamanda who the first being of the Universe .

It is believed that maa kushamanda was able to create the universe with her Silent Smile ,

She produced the “Little form of egg” and her smile took the all darkness. Maa replaced all the negativity with her smile and spread a light  and give a new life to universe.

After this , she used to create The Sun, The Planets , The stars and The Galaxies that fill our night sky. She seated herself at the centre of the Sun. She is the main source of all energy in our Universe. She give a new life to all living beings with Sun rays , and after this all work gods give her a name which is “Shakti”.

After this, Maa kushamanda  create 3 divine goddesses, who were  also the first being of our universe .For creating this terrorizing , she used her central eye on her forehead which makes a “Mahalaxhsmi”. The second form created from her left eye and was named “Mahakali”. Finally, she used her right eye to create “Mahasaraswati”, a smiling and gracious form.

How she produced her Energy in form of 


Later , the body of Mahakali give birth to a male and female . The male was named as “Shiva” and the female were named as “Saraswati” . As same , the Mahalakshmi also give birth to male and female. The male was named as “Brahma” and the female was named as “Laxhsmi”. 

After this all process, slowly -slowly universe started to taking their new form , and it is believed that Maa kushamanda is the Universe Creator, she give a light and peace to humans.

Why you should worshipping the Goddess Kushmanda..?

Maa kushmanda also known as “Asthabhuja Devi” and is associated with the Heart Chakra. Fourth day of navratri is purely dedicated to her . The most interesting thing about Navratri is , the people’s consider these days as the most scared days . Peoples who are suffering from depression, anxiety , fear and past regrets , must perform her Puja on this auspicious day and trying to improve themselves.

Orange colour dedicated to Maa kushamanda and people used to offer her orange fruits , flowers , saree and chunari to please Goddess Durga.

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Maa kushamanda’s……..Maa kushamanda’s

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