“Honest feeling and bad timing make the most painful combination.”

Pistanthrophobia is the fear of trusting people due to past experiences with relationships gone bad. We all have that one relationship or friendship that we regret, which forces us not to trust people easily.

Because that one relationship has the power to break our trust apart, this reluctance to trust people is most often brought about by the traumatic experiences in a person’s past that may be betrayal or anything of that sought. Due to this, we apparently think that everyone is untrustworthy. Unfortunately, it can be tough to find stability and consistency in our other relations because we are constantly in fear of being cheated.

You never allow yourself to become susceptible to anyone unless you trust them. It is as if you are continuously expecting something to go wrong. It is like you are convinced that happiness is genuinely an unattainable impossibility because of the many bad things that have taken place in your life. But have you ever thought that as bad as it was, you learned something about yourself, that you could go through something like that and survive?

You have had that power and strength within yourself always. People say that “I will die if you leave”, but the reality of life is no one dies on anyone’s departure. You could be sad, I understand maybe depression hits you because it does in severe heartbreaks, but you should be strong enough to probe the other person wrong. Prove them wrong by moving on and shove it in their face that they can never destroy you!!

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