A few days ago the news of the death of    a 13 yr old due to being beaten up by a teacher was reported in a private schools In Rajasthan .

A teacher in Telangana thrashed a nursery kid due to late fees.

This teacher had been allegedly doing this to several students and was highlighted as a student recorded a video of the one such heinous act by the teacher.

Let’s try to understand the severity of Child abuse

According to Delhi Police 60% child abuse cases have been committed or in some way linked to schools.

Child abuse consists of violence , mental abuse and sexual abuse of a child.

Child abuse in schools by the hand of teachers has been prominent since a long time in India.

From being beaten by the scale, to being humiliated in front of the whole class, such abuse by teachers in most of the time overlooked by the parents, while they side with the teacher in the name of disciplining the child.

Such abuse has shown to have a traumatic effect on a child.

This kind of abuse can result for the child to grow up emotionally stunted or a mental illness.

Child abuse towards marginalized children is at a higher ratio and their parents, show no concern towards the issue, and many of those children face abuse at home as well.

Various forms of child abuse

  • Child Abuse against students can be mental, sexual and physical.
  • Child Abuse by teachers has been seen in India in form of discrimination as well.
  • Discrimination against a child on the basis of their caste, creed, religion, gender etc.
  • Such acts by teachers should not be hidden or covered and teachers should be educated ,punished and warned against child abuse.
  • Parents as well should keep an open relationship with their children and listen if they state any act of abuse against them.
  • As well as be alert about their child’s behavior.

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