On 17th September 2021 #NationalUnemployementDay was trending on the 2nd  number on twitter where as the on 1st number was #HappyBdayModiji. We will try to understand the real reason behind unemployment in this article.

National Unemployment Day
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Let’s dive deep into the reason behind unemployment

Many Indian citizens have tweeted and shown their disapproval at how PM Modi ji has failed to provide dignified jobs to the youth of India.

On the occasion of PM Modi ji’s birthday the nation seems to have a divided front .

Half the country seems to be in the favor of PM Modi and the developments that he bought to the country, and the other half seems to be unhappy about the lack of employment provided.    

This seems like an endless debate if the government is doing a job or not, but this incident brings light to a very important topic unemployment.

India has been dealing with unemployment since , India got independence let’s look at some root causes of unemployment.

The abundance theory but lack of skill

In India a large portion of the the youth does not work until after getting a Bachelors degree, or after going to college. In most countries outside India most kids start working after 14, which gives them more practical knowledge and work life experience.

According to the Indian Skill report more than half BTech graduates lack tech skills.

Most of the students in big colleges like NIT and IIT lack logical thinking, Have less than 100-200 coding hours and have little to no understanding of basic algorithms.

Something that employers looks for.

The lack of vocational skills usually occurs due to out education system as well as our home environment, according to most parents in India the right passage to a good paying job is to study day and night on a table and chair.

This might provide the theoretical knowledge but doesn’t provide for the skill requirements of a company.

The favoritism towards the white collar jobs

India is a big country with several active industries help the country function on daily basis .

Such blue collar jobs are mostly looked down upon by most Indians.

This causes extreme friction and competition in the white collar industries.

The entertainment industry is also not promoted enough, the entertainment industry lacks young talented people, even after the abundance of talented young artists in India

Lack of focus on young potential leading to unemployment

Companies and the government in many countries, recruit the young artists, entertainers and athletes at aa young of a age such as 14 .

These young people are then trained and given the proper environment to groom them to their full potential.

Such recruitment’s lead the kpop industry in Korea to grow so high that, it contributed to the higher ecomic growth of the country.

These may not apply to everyone, many of the youngsters in India are highly talented and have made Indians proud.

Many parents have helped their children pursue their dreams and supported them through it.

It’s high time more people understand the need of a new thinking for the better future of the youth.

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